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Club Meatballs

6 years ago / food

Girly Spanish brunch date at Club Meatballs with a great 1-for-1 deal!

Carrie and I met up for brunch one Saturday - by that I mean, eggs, cocktails and perfectly placed long extended fingers for that perfect Instagram-shot kinda brunch.

You know, like...


I know right, I amaze myself sometimes lol.

Anyway, this was at Club Meatballs, this quaint Spanish restaurant located at China Street.

Starting with the evenings, the heart of the Club Meatballs menu is the “pimp my balls” section where diners can choose between 5 types of meatballs, 5 types of sides and 5 types of sauces. So one might choose Iberico pork and fennel meatballs, with papadell and pesto or Wagyu beef meatballs with mash potato and salsa verde.

So, here are the Instagram-worthy dishes we had!

Revuelto de gambas - Scrambled eggs, prawns, roasted garlic & spring onions on toast ($13)

Squashed Balls Benedict - choice of pork or salmon balls, poached eggs and hollandaise ($16)

Huevos con Chorizo - Free-range eggs in a pan, fried with Iberico chorizo on toast ($17)

If you're wondering why we ordered so many egg dishes, because Hello, have you checked out the #weekendbrunch tag on Instagram? They're ALL eggs!

But I got to say, these food weren't just photogenic, they were incredibly yummy too! Especially the squashed balls - according to Chef Albert, they are ALL handmade by him. I'm not kidding when I say you can feel the luuuurrrrvvveeee that goes into them.

Coca de recapte - Roasted peppers, smoked aubergine, mackeral on filo pastry ($13)

If you have been following this space, you'll know that I'm not a fan of fish. After trying this, sad to say I'm still not one :confused: - I really liked the pastry though! It was soooo flaky and buttery and the fish wasn't bad or anything - Carrie enjoyed it!

And to wash it all down, we had the homemade Cranberry and Rose Water soda ($7.50) AND the signature Forest Mojito cocktail with rum, mint leaves, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, lime juice & brown sugar ... what, it was a hot day okay?

If you're thinking there's too much food for two of us... well, erm.. actually yes :grin:

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That's the app right there!


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So go on, get it quick and eat your heart out.

Club Meatballs
20 Cross Street
01-35 China Square Central
Singapore 048422

This was a media tasting but the opinions are entirely of my own.