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CNY 2015

6 years ago / married life / working girl

This year's Chinese New Year

I can't believe it's been an entire year but you guys remember this post I wrote last year?

About how I had to live with ugly hair, ugly nails while putting up with a grumpy husband whom I had roped in to pack clothes for days on end.

I thought that would be our fate every CNY for the rest of our lives (of course I didn't tell him that lah!) but a year later, it's the eve of CNY and here I am, with my nails nicely done, my blowout appointment booked and the ability to look decent for reunion dinner.

It's so surreal and I'm honestly very, very thankful that we now have a warehousing solution who takes good care of our orders, working round-the-clock to ensure that all our customers get their new dresses in time for CNY. They are probably still packing now as I type this.

Speaking of which, I came across this touching video on Facebook:

About the many unsung heroes who have to pass on reunion dinners and family gatherings as they work round the clock through weekends, CNY and other public holidays.

I know this is the time of the year that we get all preoccupied with new clothes, new shoes but it's also a timely reminder that above all, warmth and happiness is worth a lot more.

(This coming from someone who sells said clothes and shoes lol).

More importantly, I also feel the need to thank you guys for your continued support through the years such that ClubCouture and I are able to grow. I think this is the first time in yearssss that I can play mahjong with nice nails haha.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart. For being with us through these years, through the good and the bad... when we had teething issues with our very own workshop and other screw ups and letting us have the opportunity to grow and improve with every disappointment and setback.

Happy New Year my dears!

(We even had time to do up a photoshoot with our furry friend @nihaowawa - look out for him in our mailers! Hehe)

PS- You might also want to check out this How CNY is different now that I'm married article that I just published for Mothership ;)

Happy New Year again everyone!!! Eat more pineapple tarts!