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Confucius say

My husband the great philosopher... who would have thought?

Wearing H&M and Charles & Keith at Plain Vanilla

Remember how that Speak Good Mandarin program with the hubs went?

Obviously you wouldn't... cause it effectively didn't happen lol.

So, I have since channelled my efforts to manipulating grooming the nephews instead.

(My friends say that I'm not even a mother yet and I'm already some cray woman flooding them with photos and videos of the 2 of them.. what nonsense?! I only very occasionally send them videos of the younger one eating yoghurt (come on, this is SUCH a milestone) and when he got his hair cut... and more recently when the two of them can recite by heart the Three Character Classic aka 三字经...)

My babies, all so grown up now :sob:

So anyway, I turned to the hubs and proudly said,

Me: Eh you see?! They know 人之初 already?! You know or not? I'm going to teach them 玉不琢 next!

Him: Please lah. So easy I also know.

Me: Oh is it? Then you tell me what is it lah...

Him: 人之初...

Me: Uh-huh... continue leh.

Him: 人之初...水不流。吃不饱, 睡呼呼!

Sigh. His Chinese teacher/s will be so proud.


Psst, images above have nothing to do with the blog post lolol. I just wanted to post chio photos... taken when a (much slimmer) version of myself was gallivanting around the hipster enclave of Tiong Bahru ($70 for french toast?! pfft...) when all I really wanted was just 35-times-cheaper chwee kueh.

And teh c kosong peng :heart_eyes: