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Hirocon Singapore + Coopervision

6 years ago / lifestyle

Getting new Coopervision contact lenses at Hirocon!

For as long as I can remember, I've been wearing contact lens!

I started wearing them at 14... so that makes it errr, 15 good years of contact lens. I've tried several brands and types over the years, from permanent lenses to monthlies and now dailies. Colored lens, big eye lens, clear lens - yes, tried them all.

But interestingly, I've never tried Coopervision! My usual brands include Bausch & Lomb, Acuvue, Freshkon, Freshlook etc.

But I've read plenty of good reviews about the brand prior to this so I was really excited about giving them a shot!

And so, I headed down to Hirocon to get my lenses prescribed!

Conveniently located at Orchard Gateway, Hirocon from Japan is the first retail outlet in Singapore selling contact lenses only.

As I've mentioned, I've been wearing contact lens for so many years now BUT I have never undergone such thorough eye tests before. My optometrist was extremely sweet and helpful! She not only checked for my vision (which was a much more detailed test than the ones I usually do when I get my spectacles made) but she also checked the condition of my eyes to make sure they're not injured or infected etc.

This eye test is actually a HSA regulation but to be honest, I never had to do it all these years when I purchase my contact lens (even at the reputable chains!)

I do think that the test is very important though - cause I've tried brands that didn't fit well and ended up with really dry and uncomfortable eyes even though the vision is supposedly correctly prescribed. The purpose of the eye test is to find for us the most suitable lenses as we are all different - it shouldn't be a trial & error kinda thing when it comes to our eyes!

Our eyes are one the most important parts of our body (I really can't imagine myself losing my sense of sight!) but we often take them for granted.

After the 20-minute eye test, they'll then prescribe the most suitable contact lens for your vision and eye conditions.

I was recommended the CooperVision® Proclear® 1 day contact lenses!


Cooper’s origins go back to 1958. In 1967, Cooper Tinsley Laboratories changed its name to “Cooper Laboratories, Inc.” As the company expanded globally, multiple locations opened around the world. In 2005, CooperVision became the world’s third largest soft contact lens company.

Proclear lenses incorporate phosphorylcholine (PC) which makes them naturally biocompatible. The lenses stay hydrated which helps them feel moist and comfortable all day long.

I've really dry eyes and I've been wearing the lenses for some time now. I like how these Coopervision lenses are really soft, comfortable and breathable plus I can wear them for a much longer period of time! I used to wear Acuvue and usually I can wear those for a maximum of 6 hours before my eyes start to get really blurry and uncomfortable but with CooperVision, I wore their lenses for 8 hours straight and my eyes still felt pretty hydrated!

Not to mention how convenient (and hygienic) they are being daily disposables so you don't have to deal with bottles of contact lens solution (especially when you're traveling) and the risk of eye infection is also largely minimized. (Please don't take your eye health for granted. I once had an eye infection that lasted for MONTHS and even though my eyes were often red and teary, I still insisted on wearing my lenses and now on hindsight, I'm like What was I thinking?! Imagine if I had - God forbid - gone blind or something :scream: So yes, please take care of your eyes.)

The experience with Hirocon & Coopervision has been such a delightful one and I highly recommend you guys make them your contact lens provider too!

277 Orchard Road #B2-28
Orchard Gateway 238858
Tel: +65 6702 3777

This is a sponsored review but all opinions are my own.