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Conversation NOT with the Boy

5 years ago / working girl

Soldier I am not, winter or summer also kennot.

Hello from Hong Kong!

Fweeling not? Edited by the brilliant minion

Here for something special with Conrad Hong Kong.... check out my #FloraIsabelleXConradHK Instagram takeover and whilst exploring the city one fine morning on their #StayInspired campaign...

14:25 Flora i took 271 pics today lol

14:26 Smithankyou and it's just a morning
14:27 Smithankyou u lihai

14:27 Flora no lah.
14:27 Flora the lihai part is
14:27 Flora i only need 3 pics

14:27 Smithankyou HAHAHHAHAHAH
14:28 Smithankyou if u fight war
14:28 Smithankyou siao liao
14:28 Smithankyou kill 3 persons need 271 bullets

Definitely not the one-shot-one-kill sniper you're looking for.