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Conversations with the Boy #352 - #355

The pregnancy edition!

(Unfortunately, This is NOT us 99% of the time lol)

A few conversations collated because this series, like my body, has upsized throughout my pregnancy lolol.

Here are a few wtf moments from the past 9 months that my pregnant brain (it's a real thing ok!) can remember.


Him: *plays some questionable (trance? techno???) music in the car *

Me: Can you opt for better music? You know babies can hear what's going on outside right?

Him: So? You scared he shuffle in your womb is it?


Yes, we still can't agree on a name. At this rate, he will REALLY be called Garry Junior lol. But with the options he gives, it's not hard to see why:

Him: Why don't we name our son Hugh?

Me: Hugh Go, huh. Very funny.

Him: So... No Go?


Me: So Stokke, Bugaboo or Mima? Kim Kardashian and Kanye West use the Mima.

(Frivolous observation lol, I know.)

Him: Kanye West huh. Why don't we name him Kanye West then? Or better yet, Kanye Go West?


Me: *shows him a Facebook video my friend uploaded * Ehhhh she's only 1 week ahead of me. Why her belly can see the baby moving about so clearly but mine cannot?

Him: Hmm.... do you think it's cause she doesn't have as much fat surrounding her baby?