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Conversations with the Boy #349

We've got some beefy issues over here.

I have no beef with beef lol... in fact, now that I'm in the land of Wagyu, Kobe and Hida, no prizes for guessing what's been our daily bread beef.

We don't just eat it,

This was at Ikinari Steak at Kyoto, omfg so good

The boy also dedicates a lot of time to checking them out (when he's not at the fishing shops that is...)

Omg check out that perfect marbling?!

Who cares about Japanese girls when you have Japanese gyu?

So that night when I was crawling into bed (after a crazy good yakiniku meal at our favourite restaurant in Tokyo), I turned to him,

Me: Baby, do you love me?

Him (very suspiciously I must add): Maybe.... why?

Me: How much do you love me? Like, how much am I worth to you?"

Him (after MUCH deliberation): Ok lah... same price as Australia Angus beef. $60 per kilo.


Him: Okok. You are special... you are my Japanese Black Wagyu! $200 per kilo!

And like the perfect morel mushroom sauce on a piece of steak, he topped it with...

"So baby you're 100kg right? This means you're worth $20,000... WOW!"