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Cookies with a Heart

4 years ago / working girl

Did somebody say cookies?

Hi friends,

Here’s presenting to you my latest cookie creation for Chinese New Year - soft, chewy cookies featuring traditional Chinese ingredients such as dried longans, wintermelon and red dates!

Haha, I kid.

While the delectable cookies are an actual thing, juggling a newborn and the 12345 things associated with this responsibility has left me with no time for my baking pursuits. I kinda miss those days in the kitchen with my trusty Kenwood to be honest…

These cookies are actually part of a super meaningful community programme by North East CDC, Bizlink and Les Amis Pastry Chef Cheryl Koh called Heart Bakers @ North East. It aims to help underprivileged stay-at-home mums start a baking business and earn some income. To give them a leg up, North East CDC will provide them with the WSQ F&B Safety & Hygiene Course.

Oh well. Sometimes I envy how other mothers do it. They always look immaculately put together with their children equally well-dressed while I struggle to make sure Nate has matching socks. On days that I’m working from home, in between carrying him and trying to reply emails, I barely get time for lunch. Let alone shower. And this is despite ample help from my husband, helpers AND mother-in-law.

While Nate and I are incredibly fortunate to have so much help, there are mothers out there who don’t access to such support.

Thanks to this initiative by Northeast CDC, underprivileged stay-at-home mothers from their 18 districts who have a household income of less than $3,000 or $800 per capita can now tap into their support system and not only do these moms get to pick up a skill, they can also make a small living or even start a baking business. 50% of the total revenue from the sale of these cookies will go towards Bizlink to pay for ingredients and use of kitchen, and the rest will be distributed among these (super)women.

If you’d like to do your part to help these mothers or just enjoy some very delicious cookies (come on, the recipe is by THE award-winning Cheryl Koh!!!!) at just $9.90 a jar, you can email [email protected] or call Bizlink (98801744) to arrange for pickup/delivery. Delivery is free for orders above 50 jars.

Now let me get back to my dinosaur baby… I actually wrote this post on my phone over two days through small stretches of baby naps. How to find time to bake cookies lah you tell me?!