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Coolsculpting for my tummy fats at Halley Medical Aesthetics

5 years ago / beauty / halley

Literally freezing my fatsssss away!

Since my total weight loss, I think overall I'm starting to look like I'm in pretty good shape. (And yes, I also know round is a shape wtf.) But ok seriously...

I'm quite lucky - I think? - to be born with small limbs (as compared to the rest of my body lah) but in general, my arms and legs are quite skinny :v: which is why although I give the illusion of being small-built hahhaha but whatever someone up there took away from my arms, I think he had them all placed at my tummy. No kidding :sob:

Circa July 2015

See my jelly bellyyyyy?

And did you know - that weight loss is NOT the same as fat reduction? Ok let me explain... When we lose weight, our fat cells become smaller but the number of fat cells remains the same. So while you have lost weight overall on the scales, your fat cells ARE STILL THERE.

On the other hand, while fat reduction does not significantly change your weight, the result will appear on your measuring tape. When you contour your body through fat reduction, your clothes fit better. There will no longer be ‘love handles’ spilling over your pants or skirt and through fat reduction methods like cryolipolysis or fat freezing, you can get rid or reduce your fats at specific areas such as your tummy, or thigh or even back.

Circa Feb 2016 after losing quite some kg but see the tummyyyyyy?

And so, in my bid to get rid of my belly, I decided to try the CoolSculpting procedure with my trusted doctor at Halley Medical Aesthetics.

How Zeltiq CoolSculpting works is by removing fat cells via a non-invasive freezing technology called Cryolipolysis that targets only fat cells. Cryolipolysis is used to remove certain areas of body fat that are just under the skin to contour our physique. With the CoolSculpting procedure, crystallised fat cells are eliminated and the fat cells are gone for good.

There are several applicator sizes such as the CoolMini to target small pocket of fat from double chin, armpit fat, and knee fat to bigger applicators (CoolCurve, CoolCore, CoolMax, and CoolFit) to target love handles, back or bra fat, abdomen and inner thighs and surface applicator (CoolSmooth) for outer thighs... so yes, you can effectively spot reduce fat at targeted areas!

The all-important question, I know - how does it feel?

To sum it up, cold haha. But otherwise very comfortable. I just had to sit on the machine for an hour to let it do its thing and I got very busy alternating between using my phone and taking a nap. No pain at all, I promise.

Any downtime?

None. In fact right fter the procedure, I wore back my clothes and went to meet my girls for dinner. (Halley's conveniently located at Mohammed Sultan so I simply happily walked over to have ramen at Ippudo haha.)

There might be some tenderness in the areas treated for about two weeks after your procedure but honestly it didn't bother me much. Just wear loose, comfortable clothes and it will resolve on its own. There might be some bruising but that will also resolve by itself.

It takes some weeks for the results to show (good things are worth waiting for!) but these days, I have never seen my tummy so flat. Especially in the morning when I just wake up!

I've since lost 8cm around my tummy at my last measurement (and that is after having a huggeeee breakfast) and without any exercise, so can you imagine how it'll be if I had more discipline?! Hehe.

This was taken recently March 2016 in Bali...

And these days I'm even starting to wear crop tops :scream: :scream: :scream:

(Sorry, a lot of Smith in this post but aiya, he's my default minion camera-clicker these days now that the hub's in Brunei.)

I want to try the CoolMini next to get rid of my double chin and neck fats!

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