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Crowne Plaza Hotel Staycation

6 years ago / travel / staycation / singapore

Staycation at the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport!

If there's one thing I learned from my recent staycation at the Crowne Plaza, it's not to be complacent.

The husband and I had booked ourselves a Christmas weekend staycay at our usual 老地方 with grand plans (by that, I meant me) to catch up on ALL the Harry Potter movies.

And of course, to indulge in the buffet dinner at Azur that I kept raving to him about.

Spot Fatbear!

So we checked in...

Enjoyed some yummy chocolates on the house - such immaculate service I tell you.

And when it was time for dinner, we happily strolled down to Azur only to be told that they were FULLY BOOKED.

"I knew it!!!!!" I wailed to the husband. "That we should have made reservations!!!!"

Because we were so lazy, we had complacently decided that reservations weren't necessary. ("Nobody will go to the airport on Christmas eve one lah.")

As it turns out... the buffet was SO good that everyone on that guest list had not only reserved, they had also all made deposits -_-"

"Is there annnyyyy way you could possibly squeeze us in? We are hotel guests." I tried my luck, though mentally prepared that we'd end up having Dian Xiao Er or something for Christmas dinner. ("Duck is like turkey mah. Same same but different" according to the husband.)

Not just us, there were also a few other couples around us who had showed up without reservations, all exchanging "I feel you, bro" looks with one another.

Thankfully, the quick-witted staff decided to open up the bar for us poor souls to have dinner in there. Very comfortably actually, with booth seats and all! :thumbsup:

We ended up having a wonderful Christmas eve, complete with champagne and under table footsie action and us returning to our room...

To watch more Harry Potter.


We usually go for the Runway view rooms - it's incredibly romantic to watch planes take off and land I tell you! - but this time round we decided on a Pool view room and I love how it comes with an obstructed view of the control tower.

I can't wait to be back!

(But this time, I'll be sure to make dinner reservations!)

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport
75 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819664
Tel: 68235300

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