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8 years ago / travel / crowne plaza / staycation

Staycation at Crowne Plaza Hotel!

Edited to add: Pictures in this post were taken by my lousy iPhone camera and cause I was lamenting to the boy about camera shopping this weekend so I can start taking better pics, he JUST surprised me with a cam o.O - better pics for future posts I hope? :D


This camera has some wifi feature that allows you to directly connect with your phone… so erm, camwhores (haha!) can upload pics directly to Instagram :P Excited to try it out properly!

So much effort to create this blog post okay. I wanted to transfer the pics from my phone to the com so I can blog (using the boy’s laptop cause my laptop’s in the office) but somehow I just couldn’t get his laptop to read my phone despite switching it around the USB ports (but it can charge leh, so it should be able to read correct?). So after restarting the PC two times and calling the boy 3 times (he’s in the study… studying), I finally recalled that the pictures should have been synced this afternoon to my Camera Uploads folder in Dropbox -__-

Then I was wondering why the stupid Internet isn’t working. And I went to restart the router twice, restart the com twice… before I realised that it was connected to a separate router or something, which was the device I had plugged out of the USB ports in an attempt to connect my phone to the com.

OMG I feel damn retarded please >:(

Anyway, back to the topic. So, remember how last week I said I had the best weekend this year? Sorry I take that back, because this recent weekend is the best ever. #really

So on Friday, while making our TGIF plans, I told the boy we haven’t gone on a nice date in a while.

His WTF reply? You want to go on NICE DATE ah? Ok I’ll google for some pretentious-sounding restaurant and call them to ask “Hello how much do you charge for a plate of pasta? Is it more than $50? Will the meal cost me a few hundred bucks? If so, yes I want to make reservations for two.” OK?

Sometimes I wonder why I married him.

So when he picked me up from work, I had zero expectations and then surprise, surprise, he told me we were going to Timbre at Gillman Barracks.


So I dressed up…


Took out the Chanel & the Cartier…


Put on a fancy black dress from ClubCouture

Then realised he had chosen to go there because he wanted to troll Zo who was there with his other friends.

Should have known he wouldn’t know wtf Gillman Barracks is.

But we got a nice seat, near the band, ordered a couple of drinks like the good ol’ days and had duck pizza.


No trip to Timbre is ever complete without this. #foodgasm


Cam-whoring when he went to SURPRISE Zo wtf.

And the next day, we had a staycation at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport!

(We almost double booked the room because we both wanted to surprise each other lol.)


Back to the SAME room where he’d proposed this time last year.

We were actually deciding between this and the rooms on the 3rd floor because the 3rd floor rooms actually link directly to the pool i.e. part of the window acts as a door to the pool o.O

But we returned to this room for sentimental reasons and because, it offers a perfect view of the runway with its floor to ceiling windows.


That’s what people do in romantic movies right? Watch planes take off and land…


Especially if it’s into the sunset.


Took a looonnngggg bath while the boy napped.


Nua-ed by the pool.


Everyday should be like that.

I love luxurious hotel stays! I’m not sure what is it about hotel rooms that make them so amazingly comfy but if possible, I want my room at my new place to be hotel-themed if there’s such a thing.

But for now.. I can only look forward to our Shangri-la stay in KL during our National Day getaway and Hotel Muse Thailand in September!

Damn excited about Muse!!



Damn pretty right?

But what really sealed the deal for me was the bathroom.


I’ve got a soft spot for amazing bathrooms :)