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Date night

6 years ago / married life / food

Cause it's been a while...

"What are we doing on Friday night?" the boy suddenly asked on Tuesday.

That's when I realised that it's the first Friday in a longgggg time that I don't have to attend something somewhere.

"Let's go on a date like we used to every Friday! Check out somewhere new you know?" I happily exclaimed.

"Leave it to me." He replied.

SO MACHO :heart_eyes: #myhero

Perhaps it's the idea that we haven't been on a date night for SO LONG, I actually got realllyyyy excited about it over the next two days.

"Where are we going?"

"Should I move my hairwash forward from Saturday to Friday lunch time then?"

"Finally I can wear those new 5-inches heels I bought!!!"

"Give a clue will you?? Is it a really fancy pansy place? Should I wear a really nice dress?"

So many questions tsk.

Come Friday, I didn't manage to go for a lunchtime wash and blow cause I spent the entire day in and out of meetings but come 530pm it was Ok guys, meeting's over. DATE NIGHT TONIGHT! and I hurriedly swiped on some mascara and blusher, applied BOTH my Benetint lip stain AND lollibalm... swaped my Havaianas for those new heels and made an effort not to drive that day so I could hop excitedly into his car at 6pm... just like those good ol' days.

"Can you tell me now where are we going? Please? Pretty please?" I asked as we switched from the CTE to PIE.

"Well, it's somewhere we have never been to before."

20 minutes later, we arrived at The Grandstand.

"Oh I was here long ago for a wedding dinner at Ah Yat!" I said.

"Ya lor. We are going Ah Yat tonight!."

Hmmm.... I didn't know what to make out of it. I mean, I like my abalone and sharks' fins but Ah Yat didn't seem very date night-y if you ask me?


See what I mean?

Should have left the planning to me -_-"

So we were walking to Lift 7 that would take us to Ah Yat when we walked past Dancing Crab when I told the boy, "Oh ya! This is the place I mentioned before... I wanted to check out their lobsters!"

We paused to take a look at the menu - what we always do at random restaurants - and when the waitress came up to attend to us, I was about to say "We're just taking a look" when the boy told her,

"Table for 2 at 7pm. Reservation's under the name Garry."

Hehehehehe. We had SUCH a great time slurping 'em lobsters.

And ending the night with the BEST honeycomb ice cream ever. #betterthanhoneycreme

We didn't manage to make it for Part 2 at our usual New Asia Bar though. Not even the neighbourhood Happy Daze...

Instead, we did some grocery shopping at Giant and promptly made it home and into bed by 10pm.

While the rest of the world was (according to Instagram) making their way to Zoukout.

I suppose this is what marriage does to people.

That, and age too.