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Dating again when you have been away for a while

10 years ago / Hidden

If you have just come out of a serious relationship, or if you have just got divorced, then you should consider these tips for getting back into the dating scene. When you started seeing your previous partner, you were probably younger and in better shape. It’s just a fact of life that when people get into a relationship that seems to be for the long term, they stop trying to be attractive to their partner which results in being flabby and out of shape as well as taking less pride in your appearance too. If you have been struck by this terrible affliction, then you should join a gym to start getting back in shape and start looking in the mirror when you wake up in the mornings! You are not going to attract a date if you don’t make an effort so try to remember how you used to look, and do all you can to turn back the clock to then. Obviously, if you last dated in the 70s, that doesn’t mean you should don your flares and an Afro, but just put the care and attention back into how you look.


When you do meet someone to date, make sure that you are careful about the direction of your conversation. Potential dates don’t like to hear you talk about your past conquests. If you talk nonstop about your ex, then the date is going to think that you are still carrying a torch for your ex, and they will end up running for the hills. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be honest. If your date asks if you have been in a serious relationship, you can say that you have, and give minimal details, but don’t talk about it enthusiastically and make sure that you change the subject quickly.
It is nerve wracking to get back on the dating scene when you have been away for so long, and it may take a few first dates until you are comfortable with it again, but you did it before, so you can do it again. Until you succeed, Singapore websites could be an alternative pass time!

Tips for a blind date

If you are thinking of going on a blind date, then you need to bear a few things in mind. Firstly, a blind date is not like a normal date where you know a little about the person beforehand. A true blind date is usually simply a friend of a friend who has been told they are going to be going on a date with someone special, but usually, neither them nor you are told too much more information.
What this means is that it will be more difficult for you to choose a venue for your date, because you do not know what the other person likes. At least with a date where you have been speaking to the person for a little while before hand, you will know what they like and don’t like. For your blind date, you will need to think of something that is interesting and memorable, because like any other date, if things go well, you will want to arrange a second date! You should maybe avoid going to a rock concert for the first date as you won’t be able to have a proper conversation and that may not be the other person’s taste. You should probably also avoid things like paintballing because you don’t know how rough the blind date is going to be!

Another thing that you should bear in mind is that your blind date is probably just as nervous as you are about your first date. You should try to be as calm as you can be and don’t let your nerves show.
When you are on the blind date, make sure that you stick to the safe conversations. Your first date probably isn’t the time to tell your date about your last trip to the doctors, and make sure that you don’t talk about anything disgusting or do anything disgusting because this is likely to scare your blind date away.

Why speed dating?

Speed dating is a great way to meet many potential dates all in one go. If you go out to a bar or a club, the single people don’t have a stamp across their foreheads saying ‘single’ so you never know if someone is single or taken. If you go speed dating at least you will be somewhere that people actually want to meet potential partners. Usually, either the men or the women will sit at a table each, and then the opposite sex will circulate around the room. You are given just a few minutes to have a quick conversation just to see if you like the other person or not. The people that you do like and who like you back will be free for you to go on a date.

The advantages of speed dating are numerous. You can meet many different people all in one session. All these people are there for the same reason: to find a date. You won’t have the awkwardness that you would usually get when you approach someone to see if they might be interested in you. Instead, you will be meeting interesting people who are waiting to meet you. If you don’t like the person sitting opposite you, then you don’t need to make an excuse to get rid of them either, because in no time at all, the bell will ring and they will move onto the next table to bother someone else.

You should be aware however that there are a few disadvantages. Because you only get a short time with each person, the ones that you may like could move on quickly to another table and meet someone who they prefer over you. Again, because you don’t have much time to talk, you won’t be able to find out things like whether the person you really fancied is actually an axe murderer or if they have any strange fetishes. Of course, you could make this your first question, but the other person will probably be scared and put you on the ‘no’ list.

Speed dating can be a fun and informal way of meeting new people and potentially arranging a date or two. If you have been trying to date for a while and had no success, then speed dating may be the way forward for you.