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Day in my life!

5 years ago / lifestyle / working girl

24 hours with yours truly.

Remember the chio ASUS ZenBook Flip I'd previously featured?

Since I had last written about it, a few readers have emailed me asking for more details and the latest update I have from ASUS is that the laptop has been launched with a refreshed processor!

In other news, ASUS tasked me with the challenge last week to chronicle a day in my life and since it's been a while since I last wrote about my schedule, I thought it will be fun to update you guys.

Here's how my Friday looked like!

By the way, if you ever bump into me in real life, you can ask to take a look at it since I pretty much carry it around with me 24-7 (it's only 1.3kg - my daily weight fluctuation due to water retention is already more than that lol).

3 hours later after some drama involving a huge conman of a taxi driver (more details soon in my upcoming post), we finally arrived in Phuket!

Checked in and first things first, the pool.

(I think I was Skype-ing the hubs who was having dinner down under. There's a 3-hour time difference between Thailand & Australia.)

And the next part I'm a little ashamed to show it cause...


To be fair, I spent over 2 hours catching reruns of Gossip Girl and yes, I'm one of those weirdos who sleep at 9pm and get up at 5, sometimes 4am lol.