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Dental issues

6 years ago / personal

My first - and hopefully last - root canal treatment.

You'd think that after my very painful lesson NOT to tempt fate I'd know better?

Apparently, saying I take very good care of my teeth. You know, I've never had a single cavity nor filling in my life sets you up for what would be the biggest - and most expensive - dental visit ever.

So what happened after rocking it up in Northern Thailand,

I came back to Singapore to the WORST toothache of my life. My front tooth some more wtf.

At first I thought it was cause I hadn't been wearing my retainers (cause we were in the MOUNTAINS!!!) and that my teeth had shifted, so I stuffed them in and suffered through the night. I couldn't sleep at all cause of the PAIN.

And over the next 24 hours, the pain intensified so much I bloody carried a throbbing headache around the entire day until I couldn't take it no more and scheduled a dental appointment for that same evening.

After some probing and a couple of X-rays, I'm told that I have an abscessed tooth and that I need a root canal treatment done immediately, ASAP, PRONTO and so, I had an emergency procedure scheduled for the next morning and some pretty strong painkillers prescribed which I had asked, "Erm, so can I take alcohol with these pills?"

Don't judge. It was a Friday night after all - and I have plans!

(Anyway the answer is no. You can't have booze with Naproxen.)

(But I headed out anyway and was the most loser-ish kid hanging around One Fullerton.)

The next morning, I turned up for my hot date with my very hot endodontist - that's the guy who specializes in ONLY root canal treatments - with a pretty hot name to boot, Ethan.

Now, not only was Ethan good-looking, clean-shaven, he also had this deep and alluring voice - basically the kinda guy you'd want for your first time.

He was incredibly sweet, patient and gentle, answered my 1001 burning questions, calmed my nerves, talked me through it (in THAT sexy voice!) and reassured me repeatedly that it wouldn't hurt.

And it didn't. Not even one bit.

But what Ethan didn't tell me about was... the crazy number of pills I have to pop daily.

10 pills each time, 3 times a day which works out to 30 a day wtf.

:scream: :scream: :scream:

That, and that I can't eat anything else except ice cream and I never thought I'd one day say this but I absolutely cannot stomach any more B&Js.

And because I can't bloody swallow those 30 pills with plain water, I've been having copious amounts of sweetened drinks like juices and Ribena which I don't normally consume.

The worst part?

I weighed myself this morning and it appears that I have GAINED weight???

From ice cream that I don't even enjoy anymore :weary:

So yes, my new year resolution is to keep my big mouth shut.

And to stay away - far, far away - from ice cream.

PS- My dead tooth is a result of a genetic defect that I was apparently BORN with wtf. And not because I practice poor dental hygiene. I actually take very good care of my teeth - I brush and floss after every single meal and I visit my dentist twice, sometimes even 3 times a year. Thought I should disclaim so I don't come across as an unhygienic sloth wtf.