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Dirty Dancing

Conversations with the boy #389

So some of you guys may already know, I used to dance. HAHA. (I know, even though I can't get through one day without tripping over something, anything, whatever-thing.) But yes, I used to do ballet, contemporary and all that jazz.

(I say USED to 'cause since getting together with the hubs, the only dance I do now is the occasional Zumba class with 7 other taitais and (who I think are their) toyboys. #truestory)

(The hubs and I actually took up a BALLROOM DANCING class three years ago... best part of our relationship for me and most painful 8 weeks of his life haha.)

So anyway I saw this AMAZING video on Facebook recently:

When you and wifey been practicing for months. #FestivalGoals

Posted by Global Dance Electronic on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Titled - When you and wifey been practicing for months.

The dancer in me got soooo psyched up and I was like OK! MY MARRIAGE IS GONNA BE LIKE THAT!

And so, I texted the hubs (who's in Brunei atm):


(By the way, this is how I get my way around the household. My way or... I ain't booking that holiday.)

His reply?