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5 years ago / married life / girlfriends

Omg I've OFFICIALLY entered auntyhood!

Can't believe it's been a year that I turned 30 (also, read 29 and 28) - like it seemed that it was JUST yesterday that the #doreme girls were here in Singapore for my 30th. I still have photos from that trip that I have yet to post on Instagram :joy:

So anyway... it appears that my real life is moving faster than my online lyfe and I really need to catch up!

Sans makeup. It's marvellous what makeup can do for you

Anyway, so this year as you probably know, the hubs is away on detachment. So I happily celebrated my birthday with my girls over my favourite chirachi don at The Flying Squirrel where they got me an infinity bracelet to match the infinity ring that I wear all the time.

And the folks at work decided that the best way to forever immortalise my pre-auntyhood (yes, officially in da club :sob:) is to give me this hugeass picture of my face (this one is with the FULL makeup works lol...)

Then I left for Phuket for a work trip the day before my birthday. But not without reminding the boy REPEATEDLY that I'm going away.. because though we'd agreed no presents, I kinda half-expected him to do up a little something for me?

(Technically, we didn't agree on the no presents bit.. it's just that I had gotten him two art books on World of Warcraft and Magic the Gathering lolol for our wedding anniversary present - and he had gotten me nothing lol - and he had jumped to high heavens at the exorbitant price of the books and concluded that I had exhausted all the budget for the next 10 years on all birthday, anniversary, Christmas, CNY, May Day, Children's Day etc presents combined fml.)

But... it's supposed to be MY birthday!

Anyhow, I left for Phuket. Got busy with work. And you know me, once I'm overseas I somehow lose track of all days and dates (it's as if I'm on a different planet altogether) and I somehow forgot it's my birthday... till the wishes on Facebook started coming in and this surprise cake from Amari Phuket during breakfast. Complete with the singing and all. In fact, I had TWO cakes from the resort's different departments, flowers, chocolate and champagne too... sigh.

But still, no present from the hubs. Every time the door bell rang (for them to deliver the second cake... then the flowers, and the champagne. And the chocolate), I'd jump up thinking that it's a surprise from the hubs (wah he'd bothered to orchestrate something all the way to Thailand!) but noooo, I eventually went home a rejuvenated but disappointed wife.

Then the next morning,


I woke up to this.

Snowy is this white stuffed dog that the hubs had since he was 5 or something lol. Who still sits behind his desktop guarding I don't know what... but in this case, it's the first clue to... a massive treasure hunt which spanned 6 clues, numerous wrong guesses and countless trips up and down the stairs...


Each clue was a poem btw. Never knew that when he once said he was an aspiring Poe, he was referring to Edgar Allan Poe and not the red teletubby wtf.


I eventually found this.



(He had always said that I will get coal in my Christmas socks cause I've been so naughty wtf.)


And then this led to a SECOND round of treasure hunt leading to my next present of clothes and more clothes. YAY!

Though he says that the real present lies in me getting some exercise, finally. Hahahahha.

Which he'd be proud to know that 1) I am back to doing yoga. Going for 730am weekday classes now to start my day! and 2) I woke up at 6am today and promptly went for a 30-min jog around my estate lol.

So #likeagoodwife, of course I had to share about it on Facebook to which he said,


But little did he know, little miss competitive over was gunning for the craziest wife of the year award lol.

And that I had already prepared a cake and two cartons of craft beer to be sent over to his apartment for HIS birthday happening exactly a week after mine.

(Thanks to his very cooperating, divulging colleague and my amazing CSI skillz. It's such a waste I'm not with the FBI...)

If you notice that the boy and I chat mainly on Line because 1) I can type on my com (I absolutely hate texting viaing the phone) and 2) the stickers!!!!


Notice a pattern here?

So it is only fitting that I got him a cake...

Like that. :joy:

(Readers of this space will know that 2 years back, I had also got him a cake AND beer but the baker I used then has since stopped baking.)

This time round, I went with Renae from All that Cake and again, if you're a military wife/ girlfriend reading this and you want to surprise your hubs in Rockhampton, I highly recommend Renae! She replies messages really promptly, is very meticulous and accommodating (especially since I couldn't confirm the delivery time till the very end) and her cakes come in many many flavours. I went with muds-chocolate but she also has white chocolate, cookies and cream, Toblerone, caramel, peppermint, marble and cherry ripe, fruit cake, red velvet, butter cake, sponge cake and rainbow cake!

As for the beer, I used Beer Cartel and went for the Australian Craft Beer 12 Pack w/ Wooden Beer Crate because well, I'm a sucker for packaging lol and the description sounded pretty neat.


And with that, crazy wife duty's done for the year!