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Dirty Thirty

5 years ago / popular / personal

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to!

As you'd probably know from the numerous times I've mentioned it - or if not, from the title of this post - I recently turned 30!

We celebrated it on a boat!

Theme was... no theme wtf.

I had always planned to do a Great Gatsby birthday thingamajig... when I was planning my wedding I was trying so hard to decide between Breakfast at Tiffany's or The Great Gatsby and eventually settled on the former with the promise to myself that I'll revisit the second for my 30th because, roaring 20s to celebrate the end of my roaring twenties wtf.

Then came my birthday and my friend offered to take us out to sea and so.. flapper attire on a boat will not be very weather-appropriate unfortunately.

But it's okay, I told the boy that this means WE WILL HAVE TO RENEW OUR WEDDING VOWS. Hahahaha.

Anyway, back to my birthday. The highlight of that day...

Was not the magnificent view...

Neither was it the #doremesg girls who flew in specially for me.

Though they were so impossibly, ridiculously, fking hawt.

The boys had a great time swimming and kayaking while we anchored for a couple of hours at Lazarus Island - nothing like jumping into the water on a scorching afternoon.

On a side note, I really, really, really love the laid back charm of this uninhabited island. This is really one of Singapore's best kept secrets, the beach's so pristine and unspoilt - go there before all the hipsters start flooding it like ahem, Coney Island :smirk:

That bod. Doesn't belong to my husband unfortunately.

While the girls... hammed it up for the camera.

Wahlao this Carrie. Hangover also so chio.

30 going on 3 wtf.

But obviously no matter how we smize for the camera, the original Asia's Next Top Model has always and will always be...

Charming the world since 1985 lol.

My VJC babes!

We just met up today by the way! To try our hands, (legs and very weak hearts) at the Encounter escape/ suspense game which was FKING SCARY. I've never screamed so hard in my entire life... #thatswhatshesaid.

All these lovebirds...

And the ONLY photo I took with the hubs... I look like PAP MP lah :joy:

All the single ladies!

Sailing back to mainland at sunset...

And a final photo of my 29 year old self.

Oh ya, the real showstopper that day was...

None other than this huge container of sea coconut.

What happened was, while planning for this trip, the hubs INSISTED on bringing 8 bloody cans of sea coconut up the boat which I absolutely refused (because it's damn heavy??? And ridiculous. WHO THE HELL EATS SEA COCONUT ON A BOAT TRIP??!!!)

As it turns out, everybody wanted it given the weather. :unamused: All my traitor friends.

But because we had no ladle, in order to stir it, he had stuck his entire arm into the cocktail wtf.


So literally, everybody wanted a piece of him wtf.


My yacht charter was via WaterSpot - Singapore's leading one-stop platform to book Water Sport activities such as wakeboarding, diving, fishing and even stand up paddle. The White Sail's Sunrise that we went on is one of the many yachts they have and accommodates 18 pax comfortably. The boat was well-maintained with a full suite of facilities and the crew was very friendly and professional too!

Booking's $1199 for weekdays and $1399 for weekends for a half-day trip around the Southern coast of Singapore before anchoring at Lazarus Bay for a few hours. As mentioned, the site's owned by a really, really, REALLY good friend of mine so quote my name and you might just get a discount x

Garry's sea coconut not included, don't worry.