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Perth Life

Hello from Down Under!



So yes, we have successfully made it to Perth and no, these pictures aren't taken at East Coast Park. Or Sentosa wtf.

I certainly wish my camera can do better justice to the powdery fine sand and crystal clear waters at Cottesloe Beach - I've got to admit it's still not as pretty as the Goldie but check out that azure sky that's ahem, haze free!

It's supposed to be Spring and being the typical instructions-abiding tourist, I had packed a buncha sundresses and light cardis only to arrive and realise that I had clearly underpacked. If you happen to be reading this and will be heading to Western Australia soon, please DO NOT believe the weather reports. It is absolutely essential that you pack sufficiently for a Siberian Winter. I kid you not.

Today's outfit features a jumpsuit and ring from CLUBCOUTURE - why else will I bother to take so many pictures right? - and bangle from Kate Spade with photos taken by my dearest roommate Carrie who patiently puts up with my copious overdose of Locked Away and mess that I honestly try very hard not to create haha.


Coordinates: 31.993°S 115.757°E
Location: 11 km (7 mi) WSW of Perth CBD