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Downtown Days

5 years ago / dress up

My dress-down-to-dress-up ensemble!

Dress: Zara / Shoes: Forever21 / Bag: Sometime

Remember how I spoke about coming back from Bali 2kg heavier? Well, I have (thankfully) managed to shed that weight by adjusting my diet now that I have more control over what I eat!

My tips,

  • Cut out salt as much as possible because water retention is realzzzz. Skip the chilli sauce, avoid the chips and don't drink the MSG-laden soup when you order fishball noodles (...though I don't eat fishballs to begin with lol.)

  • Opt for proteins > carbs. It is impossible to go on a no-carb diet for like forever but what I do is to say go for the steak or the grilled chicken instead of pasta when out with friends.

  • Say no to liquid calories - no frappes, no beer, no wine, no smoothies or "healthy" juices whatsoever. Only water and Coke light.

But during my feel fat days, I have been giving my fitted dresses a miss and opting for babydoll cuts- thanks to Zara and its fabulous selection this season.

Also, I've been using the bucket bag from Sometime almost daily because I freaking love its weight distribution! I can fit my camera, lenses, entire makeup pouch + the usual handphone / wallet / tissue paper & wet wipes haha without it looking like a ton and more importantly, it doesn't FEEL heavy at all on my shoulder. Perfect for those days when I have to be out and about from morning to night and get from meetings to lunch (Insta junkie here) and then appointments and eventually dinner with the girls. It checks almost all the boxes for every occasion - work, casual brunches, happy hour, date night.. you name it.

I also like how the mustard lining adds such a fun pop of color... totally feel like getting it in the other shades too!