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Duck auction

So... I bought the husband a duck.

Okay, I didn't buy the husband a duck EXACTLY but when we were in Shanghai and on the way back, I was totally OH shoot, I forgot to get the husband a present!

It would be fine normally but this trip I was too caught up with taking pretty photos and eating xiaolongbaos that I might have forgotten to message him for a day. Or two. Or maybe three.

So anyway, when we were at the airport's depature hall, I was hurriedly trying to buy the husband something... ANYTHING.

And you guys know how much the husband ADORES ducks right?

In a last ditch effort, I saw this Peking Duck flavoured Pocky and grabbed them. Never mind that they came in a huge pack of 10 boxes. Never mind that it had cost me a ridiculous $20... SING DOLLARS OK.

So this $20 box of duck biscuits have been sitting in our room for like the longest time (29 days to be exact) and I was like, Ok this is IT! You're to bring the pocky to work tomorrow and share 'em with your colleagues.

The next morning, I woke up and the damn Pretz was STILL sitting on my table.

I texted him...

10:34 Flora did u bring the duck pocky share with ur friends?
10:34 Garry No
10:34 Garry It's mine!!!
10:35 Garry ALL MINE! !
10:35 Flora you nv ever eat it
10:35 Flora just bring to share lah
10:35 Flora if not wasted
10:35 Garry No!
10:35 Garry Wife give de!
10:35 Flora 1 month alr leh
10:35 Garry I keep forever
10:35 Garry Keepsake
10:35 Flora food is meant to be eaten??
10:35 Garry Then
10:35 Garry I will auction this off when I pass on
10:35 Garry See who buy it
10:35 Garry The person who buys it
10:36 Garry I will give a roast peking duck from imperial treasure

Seriously guys, this is the kind of nonsense I have to put up with.

Oh well.

I actually did an interview recently with Parenting United about our marriage. You know, things like who's the better cook between the two of us, our first date, what happens when Peking Duck Pretz go bad... I kid! But you can read the interview here... and find out if we're going to have junior/s soon too. Hehe.