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Eating in Kuala Lumpur

5 years ago / travel / malaysia / kuala lumpur

Doing what I do best across the Causeway lol.

Sorry I haven't written anything the past week (which translates to eternity in this blog space) but I'm resurfacing from the dead with this food post. Food bribery almost always works, no? At least on my two-year-old nephew.


See what I mean?

Though not sure who's bribing who over here lol.

Anyway, remember I was previously in KL for work? When we weren't in meetings, we were basically eating (and eating some more) though it was in the name of work. But seriously nobody gonna's care WHY you got fat, they just judge you when you're fat :sob:

But getting fat in KL, is so worth it man I tell you.


Remember that night when I met Melissa? We first had dinner at the Lot 10 Hutong Food Court where they had put together some super famous hawker stalls... kinda like our Makansutra Glutton's Bay but with actual standards and aircon lol.

She recommended the fried kway tiao with duck egg (the fresh type that you don't get in Singapore, not the salted egg we are familiar with) and omfg, when a Malaysian says it's good, it's really good.

I missed this so much I tried Gurney Drive in Singapore and srsly, you'll be better off drinking Dettol.

We also had the claypot rice and KL hokkien mee.

The hokkien mee was really tasty with strong wok hei but the claypot rice feels a bit more like the Hong Kong version which I don't really like... I prefer the ones we get in Singapore with charred rice bits. Lots and lots of it!

Petaling Jaya

As part of a food tour with Food Tour Malaysia, we visited quite a few places. One of which was this night market at PJ - as it was a guided tour, I unfortunately did not manage to note which night market this is BUT google served me this 7 Night Markets in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor You Must Not Miss link that looks pretty legit. SEO game strong lol.

Being here actually brought back a lot of memories for me... my family actually has business in Malaysia so I spent the bulk of my younger years shuffling between both countries and spend almost all my school holidays entirely in PJ. It feels kinda surreal that the houses and markets still remain almost exactly like how I remember them to be.

One of my fav snacks!!!

This pankcake was imo the BEST eat from the trip! It was perfectly crispy and was served with crushed peanuts, sugar AND cream corn! I had 3 at a go which I absolutely regretted because this was only the first stop of our food tour lol.

The sunset was absolutely gorgeous and a very large part of me was very angry that I couldn't take photos cause I was too lazy to apply makeup wtf.

Nasi Lemak

This was at Restoran Warisan Sambal Opah and makes a good supper after a long night of partying (KL Zouk is really not bad) as it's open from 5pm to 4am. I was told this stall has been around since 1960 wtf and each packet of nasi lemak goes at only RM1!!!

Psst, Melissa also strongly recommended Village Park Nasi Lemak which was our first choice for dinner except that it closes really early at 7:30pm. It opens at 6:30am though so you can head there for breakfast! Or supper if you still have the stamina to party like a 20-year-old.

Roti Canai

Or what we call roti prata in Singapore.

Again, I am totally gonna win the best blogger of the year award wtf because again, I did not take down the name of this place lol. But I shall leave you with TWO lists (here and here) cause they both look very legit and if you happen to identify this place, please let me know!

In other news, I had mentioned that this was a part of a tour by Food Tour Malaysia - we had went on the Off The Eaten Track option (RM160 per pax, including food) and I really like how personable and friendly our guide was (and funny too!) and the good mix of nationalities within the group! I got to practise my very rusty German, tell them how much I like Woolworths in Australia lol and sell Singapore so much, STB should just pay me commission already.