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Equal, or not?

5 years ago / married life

What would he do without me?

So a few years back, the hubs and I bought a place.

We are not intending to shift in yet... cause the location's not the most ideal for us (ANYBODY LOOKING FOR A 3-BEDDER TO RENT? PM ME!) but according to sources, it was supposed to be ready in Q1 this year.

So every month, we get the bank mortgage letters and stuff (which usually is just them increasing interest rates wtf) and I'll pass the letter to the boy to file.

By that I mean, to punch holes into the letter and put it into the ring file that I have set up.

Now that Q2 is almost well-over, it's making me kinda suspicious that the place still isn't ready... so I decided to look through the file to see what's up.

And apparently,

This is what the file looks like.



In case you don't understand (i.e. you're a man), this is how a file's supposed to look like.


Which is what it looks like NOW after I spent the entire morning toiling away... sorting the 1001 letters in chronological order (they have been like that SINCE 2013 WTF?!) and fighting with the hole puncher...


Men. Seriously, what would he do without me?

(Though he probably thinks the same whenever I ask him how do I work the TV... so well.... shrugs, I guess we're sorta equal lol.)