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6 years ago / travel / food / thailand / khao yai

The ultimate private solitude amidst the mountains and fresh air in gorgeous Khao yai, Thailand!

Starting on the Khao Yai diaries!

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khao Yai is a gorgeous getaway destination just two hours' drive from Bangkok, blessed with lush, mountainous landscapes and beautiful waterfalls.

There are various accommodation to choose from in terms of types and styles, which is great for my travel companion Keira and me because we have very different opinions when it comes to resorts. She's into classic colonial architecture (and we did stay a few nights at a charming European countryside-like resort which I will be sharing about soon!) while I'm more into sleek modern architecture.

Yes, this place is real.

Like that.

If I have all the money in the world to build my dream house, it will look EXACTLY like this - ultra sleek with glass, concrete and wood all pieced together harmoniously.

Unfortunately I don't print money and neither did I marry a millionaire, so there goes my dream to build this. BUT thanks to Sansiri Hotel collection, I managed to experience what would it be like to LIVE in it at Escape Hotel Khao Yai! Woohoo!

Afternoon tea on our balcony, what could be better than this?

Except perhaps a view like this? Right from your balcony.

Those are clouds by the way, because Khao Yai's up in the mountains, remember?

Just when we thought life can't get any better, we were hosted dinner at the hotel's Green Oak Bistro.

The restaurant’s ‘Farm to Table’ cuisine brings together the region’s freshest ingredients including organic fruits and vegetables that have been grown in the hotel’s own farm. The Homemade style of cooking has been perfected to create extremely tasty Farm to Table dishes, complemented by their Signature Cocktails by Niks Anumanrajadhon, one of Thailand’s top Mixologists.

Me, Keira and June!

This was my second time trying Mieng Kham (the first was at Tempat Senang) and I like how Green Oak took a twist on this traditional dish by including marinated salmon sashimi... it was SO yummy!

After dinner and one cocktails too many, we finally called it a night.

Spot me!

The next morning...

A little pool time first.

Followed by brekkie back at Green Oak...

I LOVE these homemade yoghurts so much I had three by myself - I can't find a word beyond FRESH to describe it. The way the milky flavour blends with the berry (grown fresh in their garden!) compote was nothing short of a foodgasm.

My perfect vacation shades are from People by People!

After breakfast, we took the time to rest and explore the resort and the beautiful landscape all around.

Tea on our patio again?

Why, yes please!

The only shot we got of Zach, the guy behind all these pictures.

Another visit to this luxurious hotel is definitely on the cards (this time round with the husband in tow) and I absolutely can't wait to be back!

Escape Khao Yai
329 Pansuk-Kudkla Rd., Phayayen, Pak Chong
Nakhon Ratchasima 30130, Thailand