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Estrogen induced manic disorder

6 years ago / married life / personal

I swear I thought I was going crazy.

Hi guys,

This is the story of my life right now:

You would think that after a good 18 years x 12 = 216 monthly periods, I would now be used to this regular estrogen induced manic depressive bipolar disorder prone to psychopatic rage aka PMS.

It usually starts with me getting REALLY angry with the husband, over anything and everything. "I told you many times. The BLUE cup goes on the LEFT and the RED cup goes on the RIGHT. Why is this so hard to comprehend?!"

Which then evolves into severe depression. "I knew it. You NEVER ever listen to me."

And then me questioning my self-worth. "So I am just a sub-par human being to you? I'm just chopped liver lah?!?!?!!?"

Then repeat steps 1,2,3.

This usually goes on for about 3 days before suddenly EVERYTHING becomes fine. "What do you mean the blue cup must go on the left? It can go anywhere darlingggg."

More than just fine actually. It's like you know... birds suddenly appear, angels get together to sprinkle moon dust and star-light kinda thing and I'm now smouldering the husband with endless kisses and 'I love you's.

Until my period arrives and I turn into this crazy men-hating, my-uterus-is-bursting feminist.

The last I heard, the husband has been quietly tracking my cycle and has his fishing trips all strategically planned for the rest of this year. Or maybe for life.

Quite smart ah, this guy.