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5 years ago / working girl

Random ramblings on a Monday morning lol.

Hello everyone!

I have exactly 55 minutes to complete this post, slap on some makeup, get dressed and head out of the house for what would possibly, be the BIGGEST meeting of my year.

Not life cause I probably will have another bigger one scheduled if today's goes well... fingers crossed.

I just spent the morning crawling the Internet.. looking at some of the popular blog posts from the 2009 - 2011 era (i.e. NOT this blog lol) and how times have changed. People used to be so much raw and real then... and it's funny how even though we have MORE content available these days, we have so much less personality.

Anyway, this morning's expedition wasn't simply about gratifying the voyeur in me lol but well, I was feeling kinda lost.

You see, I had turned down two amazing opportunities this month - one for Hong Kong Fashion Week and another for Japan Tourism and trust me, declining the latter made me want to keeeeeeeeel myself. IT'S JAPAN! I'd probably not get an assignment like that for a long while! And the "blogger" me 6 months ago would totally jump at the chance to well, be a blogger lol.

But like what I always say, everything comes down to time and space.

Unfortunately it's not the best time now given - this is going to sound repetitive lol - the new project I'm working on (hence the meeting later) and my health (which explains why I'm home this morning)... just the thought of seeing the doctor again scares me.

I still feel conflicted as to whether I'm happy or not with my decisions (especially since the very shallow part of me just found out that the others engaged for the Japan assignment are all very big names)... but we can't win it all I guess.

And of course there's that ultimate consolation I always tell myself... everything happens for a reason lol.