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Eyelash Extensions!

7 years ago / lifestyle / beauty

My eyelash extensions at Eye Studio Tokyo!

What a weekend!

I feel that I did so much that I need the rest of this week to do absolutely nothing just so that I can recharge for this weekend.

Went to Blow + Bar's second outlet's opening party at One Raffles Place on Friday with dear Carrie. Can’t believe that this is the first time we’re meeting in person despite talking to each other so much over IG and Facebook. Feels like we’ve known each other for a super long time!

We ended up joining the husband and his friend at House for tao sa bao (damn nice! it’s the same one served at Forty Hands!) and then adjourned to Brewerkz before finally calling it a night at 1am. My eyes were half-closed by then and I was really struggling to stay awake.

Surprisingly decent shot by the husband as he was fiddling around with my new camera. My lace cardi, dress and infinity ring all from ClubCouture!

I just got the Sony Nex cause I want to take better pictures instead of relying on Zach all the time… but I’m really struggling with all the technicalities. ISO, aperture, shutter speed… I’m such a noob I amaze myself wtf ><

Anyway, I was sooo tired come Saturday but I dragged myself to EyeStudio Tokyo for my eyelash extensions appointment.

This is my second time doing my lashes with them… first time was a month ago before I went to Australia cause I was too lazy to deal with makeup on a holiday. And also because I wanted to look pretty for the husband who hasn’t seen me in a while lah hahaha.

Since then I’ve been addicted to these extensions because it makes my morning routine such a breeze - no more mascara or eyeliner needed!

Finally in Singapore, EyeStudio hails from Tokyo and I believe all the therapists are from Japan because both times I’m there, the only people I see there (including the customers) all converse in Japanese only. The staff understand English but you’d need to speak a little slower :)

I went for the C curl, medium thickness in the Sexy design & opted for 120 lashes this time round (60 on each eye!)

Breaking out cause of the lack of sleep these days :’(

I have always been hesitant about trying out eyelash extensions because there’re all these horror stories from friends about their extensions being unable to touch water (can you imagine how filthy their eye area must be?!) or how all their real lashes dropped out wtf.

With these eyelash extensions from EyeStudio Tokyo, I can wash my face normally (just be sure not to use oil-based makeup removers on them) and during the 1 month+ that I’ve had them on, my real lashes still look as intact as ever. Of course there’ll be the natural dropping of lashes as per your usual lash cycle but no premature dropping!

Seatbelt selfie! This was taken in the car ride home and I have no other makeup on except powder.

Love this natural look too much!

EyeStudio Tokyo

177 River Valley Road

TEL:9298-6774 / 6883-1077

And since you’ll be at Liang Court, don’t forget to grab yourself a yummy Mazazu crepe too!