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Feed clean, feed NUTRO

2 years ago / burger the sheltie

Our NUTRO transformation journey!

Meet Burger aka the world's laziest dog and fussiest eater.

Despite being a shetland sheepdog, Burger does NOT seem to bear any trait expected of him as a herding dog and much prefers to laze around and sleep - really not quite the active sheltie you often see in movies and the likes.

He's also an INSANELY picky eater. Long-time followers of mine will probably remember how I used to be so stressed out over his meals as he would reject practically every brand of kibble out there which left me having to homecook his meals which can be a bit of hit and miss too.

That is, until we introduced him to NUTRO.

Fellow dog-owners will probably agree with me that choosing the best for your pet means choosing clean, premium, and natural pet food.

As such, I was willing to give NUTRO a go as it is made from a simple recipe that does not contain wheat, soil protein, artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours. It is made with all the necessary ingredients for a complete meal. Every single ingredient is also purposefully selected and tailored to a precise function. With high-quality protein at the foundation of each recipe, NUTRO ensures that their kibbles are rich in nutrients that the dog needs.

Taste-wise, I suppose if it's approved by Burger, then it probably tastes GREAT!

Besides being a complete meal that helps dogs feel healthy and happy, NUTRO also contains natural fibres for healthy digestion which results in visibly smaller and firmer stools which are easier to pick up. This is a major plus for me as we have since moved to an apartment and poop time happens during our morning and evening walks.

The kibbles provide essential antioxidants for healthy immune system and natural defence and contain Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to promote healthy skin, and a soft, shiny coat.

I'm also particularly concerned about Burger having enough protein as these days, I am quite time-strapped and can't cook for him as much as I used to. It's therefore good to know that NUTRO contains high quality protein (farm-raised chicken / pasture-fed lamb / sustainably sourced fish) as the first ingredient to support strong and firm muscles.

Since we have embarked on the #NutroTransformationJourney for a few months now, I'm happy to observe that Burger is a lot more active and playful! He will actually RUN to me when he sees me pouring NUTRO out into his food bowl.

Other benefits of NUTRO include a healthier immune system, stronger teeth & bones and better oral health - Burger's breath is definitely a lot more pleasant now hehe.

I highly recommend fellow fur parents to try NUTRO and see the benefits for yourself!

NUTRO is available online in 3 yummy flavours - chicken, fish and lamb, enjoy!