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Fifth Avenue + Top of The Rock

4 years ago / travel / new york / usa

Many, many, MANY pictures of the Empire State Building - you've been warned!

Nothing - I repeat, nothing - screams Manhattan more than Fifth Avenue and the Empire State Building.

Our plans for Fifth Avenue were simple - Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes, Momofuku Milk Bar for ice cream, hit the shops and then catch sunset at Top of The Rock.

Or so we thought... we ended up going back three days in a row. Mostly cause I can't decide if I like the Cereal Milk Ice Cream or not. We had it thrice during the trip for me to be triple sure... but until today, I still can't decide lol.

The lamb over rice was REALLY good though.

Also, contrary to popular belief,

The Magnolia Bakery cupcakes made popular by Sex and the City were mediocre at best,

And it's not THAT easy to flag down a cab like in the movies. You can't simply go "Taxi!" and expect a car to pull up by the kerb. Anyway, the ONE taxi ride we took was kinda creepy (I'll spare you the details but let's just say we had a very very very unfriendly driver) and we decided to just stick to uberPOOL for the rest of our trip - which is what I'd recommend you guys too. The cars are clean, drivers are helpful, fellow riders are friendly and most importantly, prices are affordable.

We also stopped by Trump Tower!

(And the iconic Tiffany flagship store next to it)

Saks Fifth Avenue!

Random candid shot at Abercrombie & Fitch where we were pretending to be shopping but in actual fact, I was hiding from the cold lolol.

(It wasn't even winter yet and everybody was clad in like tshirt + light jacket and I had 7 layers of Heattech and scarf etc. Funny thing is my legs don't ever get cold - aunty stockings ftw.)

Making our way to Top of The Rock!!!

Some random church along the way.

(Ok lah I just googled - couldn't help it - it's actually the St. Thomas Episcopal Church and it is actually worth stopping by. By the way, if you watch SATC the movie, you can actually catch a glimpse of it! Some scene where Miranda was having a meeting/ event/ lunch or something at some rooftop bar? Or restaurant?)

And we are here!!!!

(Belts out concrete jungle where dreams are made offffff.....)

Hi, meet my new friend.

So basically, you have to pre-select the timing you'd like to go up to the observation deck when you purchase your tickets. We chose the slot 30 minutes before sunset (check your weather app to see sunset timings) so we can snap a few day shots and find a good spot to capture the sunset. But it was SO TORTURING to be camping out there in the cold all the way... especially since it's insanely windy up there. We ended up taking turns to seek shelter indoors.

Additionally, the crowds are also CRAZY around this timing so if you're not that into photography (or Instagram), I would suggest the 3, 4pm slots where there are fewer people and you can enjoy the view better.

And the sun sets.

To be honest, the view AFTER dusk is much better. With the hundreds of city lights beneath you - I had this certain sense of chill down my spine just watching the city light up and no, it wasn't from the cold.

Sick of the 1001 photos yet? #sorrynotsorry lol

The view from the other side which wasn't very impressive lol hence there was practically nobody.

Quick shot on the way down before we got chased away.

Final shot!

PS - We actually got the New York C3 Pass which allows you to visit three of NYC's most iconic attractions. However, we were there for more than a week and only managed to check out two (this, and the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island cruise.) We had wanted to check out the Empire State Building too but somehow we didn't manage to find the time to in between work and my repeated Momofuku visits. And also because our hotel was right next to the Empire State and we had a pretty dope view from the rooftop bar - which if you ask me, is better cause, alcohol. No?