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6 years ago / personal / dress up / working girl

Taking my tutu skirt out to play.

ClubCouture Top / ASOS Skirt / Chanel classic flap / ClubCouture heels

Finally taking my tutu skirt out for a spin.

(And when I say finally, I really mean finally.)

I've had this skirt for YEARS now but I've never had a proper chance to showcase it. It's one of those skirts that's a little too fancy for everyday wear, yet not dressy enough for a glamorous event. So I've kept it for years and years, waiting for that perfect moment to wear it. I even brought it with me to Taiwan, to Bangkok and then to Shanghai but nope, no right occasion for it too.

The stars eventually aligned when Keira suggested a black-on-black shoot and so this, happened.

If you've been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that my recent pics have (hopefully) improved. I'm now the proud mother of a Sony A7S (clearly, my maternal instincts are not in the right places) - I don't consider myself an expert in photography of course but in the wise words of Zach, I now have a more than decent camera and some really good lenses... so if my photos suck, I only have myself to blame wtf.

Can't wait to try it out properly in Hong Kong next week! :airplane:

Photos by Zachary Yong (on my new cam!)