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first world sweatshop

8 years ago / wedding / wedding prep

For the past few days, guess what we've been doing?

For the past few days, this is all we've been doing:


My definition of a first world sweatshop. We even rounded the corners of the cards ourselves, using those puncher/ stapler like thing from Popular.

Speaking of Popular, in the last 6 days, I've popped (pun intended) into 7 bookstores and spent so much time googling for paper and envelope sizes it totally drove me crazy. 

The misery started when we thought our cards (that were already printed) were A5 sized. So we went around hunting for nice c5 envelopes.

Then we returned home to find that my cards are NOT a5 sized. FML. In fact they were way too small for the c5 envelopes but too big for c6 envelopes. WHY LIKE THAT!


But they fit PERFECTLY into the lace envelopes I bought the other time. In fact, I didn't even know what made me buy those lace envelopes but when I ordered them, I felt like I HAD to. Even though at that point in time I didn't know what I was going to use them for  - I tell you la, it is definitely divine intervention at work here.

So the past few days that's all we have been doing. Rounding corners of cards, putting them into envelopes, weighing them to find out how much it'd cost to mail them to our friends overseas and running to the post office during lunch hour. 

But this is fine. Tiring, but still doable.

The real nightmare came when we had to spend 3 hours at the printers last Friday. Tiffany blue is a real bitch to print. It kept coming out too blue or too green and finally, I made the best decision ever for my sanity - we'll use the following palette for the wedding theme instead.


Because it is just impossible to get everything tiffany blue fml. In fact, I became such a tiffany bitch after the agonizing 3 hours. When we were at Takashimaya over the weekend, I pointed out to the boy "Eh you see! Even the banners on the lampposts for the Tiffany & Co store are not proper Robin Egg blue!"

When I see images of a "Tiffany Blue Wedding" on the Internet, I'm like, Oh, but that's not reallllyyyy tiffany blue.


Like this person who named this "Tiffany Blue Wedding Invites" on Pinterest.  

As for the chingchong wedding, we obviously got the most chingchong design we could - all red and gold and full of XI hahaha. 


So the next task will be to address and distribute this batch of cards. I so need to put together a team of minions.