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Fishy Business

Conversations with the boy #255

I work on a Macbook Pro, the boy calls me one of those i-faggots who can’t live without their iphone, ipad and macbook. (Though he was the one who bought me the laptop… just saying).

The boy, on the other hand, owns a desktop (custom job, is that the term?) and a huuuggee MSI computer that makes me wonder how on earth can it be classified as a laptop? Great graphics for him to play his Diablo 3 - that’s what he said.

So imagine my surprise when I came out of the shower last night to find him hunched over MY macbook.

"Hey! What are you doing with my com?"

"Oh baby.. do you have photoshop on your com?"

"HUH?! Why the hell are you using photoshop?!"

"I want to upload this picture of this 2.5kg kim bak lor I caught today!!! But I don’t want anybody to know my secret spot… so I want to photoshop away the background!"

Sheesh, I don’t see him practicing any QC when it comes to uploading my makeup-less photos. You know, that ones where I am grinning like an idiot with chocolate all over my lips and teeth?


Here’s presenting to you my love and his love. Hmppphh