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Flora's Friday Favourites #4

5 years ago / friday favourites

Five of my Favourite Finds, rounded up every week!


Yup, I'm finally back from Down Under BUT I'm hopping on another flight tomorrow morning. For work this time roundsssss.

For those who are wondering what the hell I've been doing, nooooo, I am not into money laundering (or at least not yet) and neither have I become a "full-time blogger" wtf... I was just waiting for the right time and opportunity to announce that TADA! We are officially taking this social media content creation and consultancy thing forward! Still earning Thai dollars but thankful to have a couple of international projects hence the frequent flying. Ok this is getting kinda long and I will prob do a detailed post soon about this biz of ours but omg, so excited!

I feel like I finally have a home wtf. Haha.



This Gula Melaka Pandan Cake from Joe & Dough! I just realised that they have a couple of outlets in Singapore but this was from the outlet at Novena Square 2 after my medical appointment.

(Sigh, that's another story for another day....)


This Hello Kitty (ikr....) top that I have been living out of cause I'm too lazy to deal with makeup and dressing up sometimes.

It's unfortunate that I received a call one day that my camera's ready from servicing and I had to make a sudden stop in town (I thought ok lah, just drive down, pop into the Sony store and drive home) but I ended up having to meet the (new) partner so I decided it's best that I upload this photo before he decides to blackmail me with it wtf.


The 2 year-old nephew hahaha.

I don't have a kid yet so he makes an excellent prop model. Be prepared to see more of him in my upcoming images HAHA.

But I love him more than anything ok!!! You should see how much I spend on his wardrobe and snacks lol.


The Rose Otto Hydrosol from Erabelle - all that flying this month (8 flights and counting...) plus the change in climates can take quite a toll on my sensitive skin. And this anti-inflammatory and hydrating mist really helps a lot.

Also, on my last day in Brisbane, I was out and about the entire day before catching the redeye back to Singapore. What I did was to throw one of these hydrosols into my handbag alongside cotton pads and I used it to cleanse my face before flying and 8 hours later upon touch down. Super nifty!


Test shot turned good while working on something for a client.

It's all about the you tiao lol.