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Flora's Friday Favourites #5

5 years ago / friday favourites

Five of my Favourite Finds - the Hong Kong edition!

Hi guys!

God, it's been one helluva July with 4 trips and finally I get some sorta breather before I jet off again next week. Since my last cryptic Friday Favs post, I have had people telling me "Don't bluff lah, you full-time blogger"... Come on lah, I also wish I can have more time to update this space full-time! I have SO much I want to share with you guys... like my trips that happened more than a year ago?!

We just booked for Japan to bring my in-laws to my favourite ok fine, second favourite (first being NYC!) destination and the hubs is going away next month for two months :sob: so I'll be spending my birthday alone, again wtf. In any case, if you want to catch more of my thoughts, you know you can always find me at and I usually post my #onthego thoughts on Facebook and with the new Instagram Stories feature, I foresee I will be using it a lotttttt! I'm super excited about it actually cause I never really got the hang of Snapchat HAHA so with this stories thing, I don't feel the pressure anymore to get on the Snapchat bandwagon. I'M STILL A COOL KID YO!

So anyway, back to my Friday favs.

(I actually skipped last week's cause I was too busy trying to beat the heat in Hong Kong but you guys won't blame me, right? RIGHT?)


THISSSSSSS mango drink from 許留山 or Hui Lau Shan! I had it TWICE this month yay - once in KL and once in Hong Kong so I am a very happy girl! I don't understand though, why they can go to Malaysia and NOT open in Singapore. Like whyyyyyy do you go all the way to JB already and just not cross that little bridge and make it to Singapore? WHYYYYYY.jpg


This two-piece set (it has these super cute buttons down the back!) that I got from Forever 21! I hardly wear red cause it really doesn't do my skin tone favours BUT I'm glad this shade of rust works pretty well for me, so YAY! Stocking up on rustttt nowww!


My Cotton On kicks! I only brought these shoes and a pair of sandals this trip (no heels cause I still remember how THAT went...) and I LOVE how these shoes are so versatile! I wore them with shorts, with my skirts and even my flouncy dresses and they just werked :ok_hand:

Oh ya, another find will be my superb Cantonese. I'm using superb very loosely here cause I'm Hokkien myself and the hubs is Teochew (and the dialect is somewhat same same but different if you get what I mean?) The partner (original one, not the new one) is Cantonese so for the past 10 years we have been working together, on-off I have picked up a little... you know, like siew mai, har gao, char siew bao?

Plus Po (the red one...) from the Teletubbies speaks Cantonese (FOR REAL!) so I learnt some shit from him/ her/ it namely, yat yi sam (you know, like yat siew mai, yi har gao, sam char siew bao?) and fai di which basically means to go faster and very essential in bossing people around.

So anyway, throughout this trip I realised that my Cantonese is actually much more awesome than I thought it was - I could erm, order food and direct my Uber drivers to my pickup point which is basically CONRAD HONG KONG AH in a one-tone Hong Konger accent.



This COLLAGEN BY WATSONS facial wash (I don't know if it's available in Singapore so I have linked it to the HK website)... it was a random purchase with purchase and I didn't think much about it. (In fact, I was thinking of using it as a handwash...) Until I tried it on my face when I got back to the hotel room and FWAH I love the texture! It was really light, it's super foamy and it cleanses well without that squeaky tight feeling! Wanted to buy more of it back to Singapore but my suitcase was full of the milk tea because aunty being aunty, read online that everybody's going bonkers over it in Singapore and since there's no queue for it over in Hong Kong (I was drinking it every day wtf?) I decided to buy a "couple" of bottles for the peeps back home.

Said milk tea


Taken at the 7-Eleven right after I bought that milk tea that's pictured above. Yes... that VERY bottle.

I like it so much I promptly used it as my IG display picture lol.