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Flora's Friday Favourites #10

5 years ago / friday favourites

Five of my Favourite Finds, rounded up every week!

OMG we have reached episode 10 of Friday Favourites!

It's crazy how time flies... this should mean 3 months :scream: of doing this (somewhat) diligently and I'm so proud of myself haha. I mean, I've been talking about going back to yoga for like erm, only 3 years now lol.



Omg I love, love, LOVEEEE Marrybrown! Whenever I'm in Malaysia, I will have it like at least twice? Cause they srsly have one of the best fried chicken around - I like the curry powder-esque seasoning! I'm not sure why though, of all places they chose to open ONLY at Sentosa... it's at Siloso Beach (between McD's and Toast Box) and ventilation wasn't the best and business looked a little sad... I'm terribly afraid they will close down :sob:

So please go and support them! Their jalapeno poppers are pretty good too!

43 Siloso Beach Walk #01-01, 099010


So much about bitching about Zara's $70-but-no-lining-dresses because one fine Tuesday afternoon when I had just 30 minutes to kill in between meetings, I popped into the store at Ion and not sure what possessed me but I ended up walking out with another $400 worth of off-shoulder-pinstripe-no-lining pieces :sob:

I console myself that at least I saved on parking thanks to Ion's awesome membership.


The L'Oreal La Palette Nude! I have in both Beige and Pink and I have been bringing the beige with me on all my trips. The range of colours works well for both day and night and they have both shiny and matt finishes within ONE palette so you can choose how glam a look you'd like to achieve. Extremely easy to blend too... I will definitely repurchase this if I finish using it (but erm, I think it will take a while lol.)


Brown nails! I don't know how is it that I only discovered them now but seriously, they go so well (or at least imo lol) with my 1,001 pairs of nude shoes and my one pair of brown Havaianas staple lol.


I had taken these photos for FIJI Water (see you this Sunday at F1 party The Podium Lounge!) and sigh, no matter how, where or what, this is really still my favourite-est skyline of them all.