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Flora's Friday Favourites #12

5 years ago / friday favourites

This week's FFF includes a VIDEO lol!

OMG I can't believe that come tomorrow, we will officially be in the final quarter of 2016. (And to think I actually typed 2015 lol...) Sigh. Where had ALL the time go?

Garry's sister was back from London for a couple of days with her boyfriend so we took them around for food and more food - I must have eaten more bakchormee in this one week than I have the entire year! Also, I have decided that I will start yoga tonight, so I will put the gin & tonic away this Friday and sweat it out at the studios. Maybe this weekend too, wish me luck!

Favourite Food

At the mo, it's mee hoon kway. This is my PMS week so I have some serious cravings (alongside severe bloatedness zzz) and I've had it for dinner 3 times this week already. There's just something so comforting about all that starch in a MSG-laden soup lol.

Favourite Frock

Not dress exactly but SO much love for this watch by European watch + sunglasses brand Kapten & Son. I'm wearing here the 40mm Campus in Silver "All Black" and I really like the big face that adds a bit of edge and character to my skinny wrist. I also like the roman numerals and the anchor motif and how it can be dressed up or down depending on your outfit and occasion.

Overall, it's a classic, polished, sophisticated watch that you should add to your wardrobe without having to burst the bank.


So the obsession with sparkly makeup continues - at this rate I think I won't stop till I achieve an Edward Cullen shine bright like a diamond glow. LOL I kid. But I was recently introduced to the newly-launched shu uemura stage performer block:booster and the lightbulb UV compact that when used together, creates this gorgeous radiant complexion that looks really healthy. The I-drank-two-litres-of-water-and-slept-for-twelve-hours kinda healthy glow. The block:booster is a primer and it comes in colourless, beige and pink. I'm using the pink now and I like how it moisturises the skin and does a pretty good job at offsetting my strong Asian yellow undertones.


Ever exceeded your data and having to beg / borrow / steal wifi? Lol.

With Circles.Life, you can now get unlimited bonus data!

Post a video selfie of your very own "data freak-out" moment (min 5 secs or more) on IG/ FB and set it on public, tag #NeverRunOutOfData and @circleslifesg & you'll get an additional 1GB of data every month when you join Circles.Life or if you're an existing customer! Check out for more info :)



I know, my mouth is a little strange lol but this was the makeup I did for the video above and since the video can't capture my face in its full makeup glory hahah... Really like the deep maroon shade of lipstick (Lancome L'Absolu Rouge 294) - it's one of those lipsticks I've had for a while now but never got down to using it but couldn't bear to throw / give away cause "I might need it some day" and finally, that some day has arrived lol.