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Flora's Friday Favourites #13

5 years ago / friday favourites

New shoes. New shoes. NEW SHOES!

The thing about this Friday Favourites routine is that it... forces me to have a routine.

'm currently in a routine-y phase of life. The past 2 weeks I have been diligently going for 7am yoga classes almost every day or every other day... heck, I have even been scheduling my entire life around my yoga lessons.

Also, you must have heard, King Bhumibol of Thailand has passed on. I'm not sure what this means on the work front given the declared year of mourning but more importantly, I've never seen friends, colleagues and everyone else on half my social media feed that... heartbroken. I'm not Thai but I spent a big part of my life the past decade being "pseudo Thai" and even though I may not know every single thing he's done, but to see such intense emotion and love from everyone (and I REALLY mean everyone) in the country... I think it's quite a testament to his kindness and what he's done for his people and country.

Anyway, back to the drill.


Sorry for the shitty photo, I had quickly snapped it for my Instastory yesterday when I was in the midst of a very nasty concall (erm, I was the nasty one I guess lol...) but this bingsu at ICE LAB is too good to pass on.

I'm normally not a fan (understatement of the year) of Korean stuff but this week I actually ended up having Korean-ish food TWICE! This bingsu and late night BBQ at O.BBa which was very good also! The kimchi pancake's a must try.


Still actively contributing to the wealth of the world's richest man... one purchase at a time. Technically, I had told the hubs I will stop buying dresses from Zara (I think I have 90% of their current collection in my wardrobe wtf) BUT he didn't say no shoes!!!!

I had actually wanted to buy more Superga kicks but I somehow stumbled into Zara en route to Wheelock and the rest they say, is history. And these were cheaper than Superga's so erm, I ended up getting both.



The philosophy take a deep breath oil-free oxygenating gel cream - I've been a fan of philosophy BEFORE they even came to Singapore cause I'm a sucker for packaging and I love their product names. And the good thing is, besides looking pretty on my vanity table, their products actually work for my sensitive skin. I really like the lightweight texture of this moisturiser and how it has this slight cooling effect when applied.


The Accountant!!!! I like crime films and this has Ben Affleck AND Anna Kendrick! Not gonna spoil it for you but if there's only ONE show you can catch this weekend, this is it! I love the build up and unlike the typical spy films with all bing bing biang biang, this one focuses less on the drama and more on the plot and the details for everything to come together.

And if you have time for two movies, then I highly recommend The Girl on the Train too if you haven't caught it. Emily Blunt's perfect for the role (loved her since those Devil Wears Prada days) and like The Accountant, you don't actually know what's really happening until they want to let you in... so you spend a good 3/4 of the show guessing and second-guessing yourself. Damn good!


I had taken a series of pictures for a client and because they won't make it to my own Instagram, I've decided that I NEED to publish them here haha.

Call it FOMO, competitive, kiasu aunty... whatever lol.