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Flora's Friday Favorites #14

4 years ago / travel / friday favourites / new york / usa

Favorite food, frock and find - the USA way!

Hello from the US of A!

More specifically, New York City! Today's Friday Favorites is hence spelled as such and not Favourites cause erm, American spelling lol.

Anyway, 'm here for work and this jetlag thing is srsly fking with my mind. It's 3:33am here and I'm writing this now... I also think it's because I still have work correspondence with the folks back in Singapore so as much as possible I try to match their timing but with chasing daylight here and all, I've been surviving on a hell lot of salted caramel frap from Starbucks (540 calories fml) and catching naps on my Uber rides.

But! I'm tremendously excited to share about my favourite favorites from the Big Apple so let's go!

Favorite Food

THIS bagel! I mean it doesn't look like much but it seriously felt like heaven at 5:30am in the morning when you need food and it's the only deli open. This was the onion bagel with crab cake and omfg, cream cheese on bagel is so passe. But still, if you take a look at my Insta story, this place has like 1234567 types of cream cheese spreads that I ended up caving in. And asking for extra too lol.

Also, my stomach's starting to get used to the American serving portions :sob: but I console myself that I'm doing a lot of walking...

Across roads... to take photos hahaha. And trying to capture every yellow taxi in every frame lol.

La Bagel Delight / 284 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11215

Favorite Frock

At Times Square!!!

This leatherette jacket from Cotton On - it's stylish, goes well with dresses, jeggings and cutoffs and while back in Singapore, keeps me warm in our air-conditioned malls, also works perfectly here in Fall with sufficient thermal layers (I swear by Uniqlo's heattech) and nude stockings!

Favorite Find

Food reviews on Google Maps!

I mean, I have ALWAYS seen the hubs using this when we travel but now that I'm flying solo, I started exploring it and I really like how we get authentic food recommendations and reviews (and not JUST based on what is pretty enough for Instagram) based on the locality we are in. Been a total lifesaver so far for those what-to-eat-ah days.

Favorite Face Thang

The Hourglass AmbientĀ® Strobe Lighting Powder - my current holy grail highlighter. The powder is impossibly smooth and I'm using it in shade Iridescent which just lights up my face with this soft pink glow. In fact, I'm planning to pop into Sephora later to pick it up in Incandescent for a softer, peachy finish.

Favourite Foto

Most instagramable ice cream in the most instagramble city?

Now I can die lol.