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Flora's Friday Favourites #15

4 years ago / friday favourites

Five of my Favourite Finds, rounded up every week!

I felt a bit ashamed when I typed my Five of my Favourite Finds, rounded up every week! summary because erm, it hasn't been a weekly affair for a while now?

BUT I am determined to keep it going... but let's not be over-ambitious here lah. Let's aim for twice a month? Hahaha

Such is my dedication that I'm actually away with the Go folks now on a family holiday BUT they all went out for breakfast and I chose to stay in ALONE just so I can do up this column... so yes, thank you for the support gaise <3


Since my return from the US (yeah I know it was only 3 weeks but I'm making it sound like 3 years wtf), all I have been wanting to eat is local food. Singapore food, Malaysia food.. lotsa spice, lotsa coconut milk, lotsa soya sauce and gravy, you get the drift. One of my go-tos for assam laksa and chendol is actually the Malaysian Food Street at RWS which is kinda strange... cause I am usually VERY skeptical about food at touristy places (scary overpriced tourist traps!) but so far, the food here has been pretty legit, except for maybe the chicken rice balls. Go for the lor mee, assam laksa, lor bak, chendol and penang fried kway tiao.

(Then be prepared to starve for 3 days after lol...)


I've been wearing so much winter wear this month that I'm harbouring secret urges to join a nudist colony wtf.

BUT to deal with the cold, I've been relying on this military-ish bomber jacket from Korean label H:CONNECT - it's super stylish (omg I got so many compliments on this... even from this erm, rapper dude so well, when a rapper dude says it's cool, it's really cool lol) and keeps me super warm BUT without adding bulk and chunkiness to my frame. I also like how versatile it is... I've tried it with jeans and sneakers, tutu skirts and ankle boots, little black dresses and high boots, and they all work.

The brand counts Girls’ Generation’s Yoona, U-EE, BoA and SHINee among its fan and has just opened at Bugis Junction so you might want to check them out!


Since swinging the other side of 30, I've decided to add retinol to my regime to deal/ prevent with the lines and wrinkles. I had picked up this bliss firm, baby, firm anti-aging serum from the LAX airport just before I departed (it was an impulse decision cause I looked into the mirror and decided I NEED ANTI-AGING SHIT RIGHT HERE RIGHT NAO) but it's been so far so good. I figured that with anti-aging you'd need time (like 20 years?) to see effects haha - I mean if I still look like this two decades later it's definitely working lol - but it hasn't broken me out and I really like the texture. Also, with all retinol/ Vitamin A products, sunscreen is absolutely essential.


Taken recently at RSAF's Exercise Torrent and when we got bored in the office and couldn't get the Sprinkles jingle out of our head... this happened.

As Zach best explained it,



By the way, the first expression was not posed lol. It's my default expression in between frames... you guys don't know RBF until you've seen me. And the fake smile? Just one frame later. It's prob not the only thing I'm good at faking lololol.

And lastly,


Google Maps.

I know, I know. I'm a late bloomer... but I started driving in a generation when GPS didn't exist. You remember the good old PHYSICAL street directories that required you to manually flip to back to locate the street name before flipping to map 42 and moving your fingers down to grid C3 before realising that it says continued on map 75? Yup, that was my life then. So since then I've been relying on my general (usually-accurate) sense of direction... Tuas is in the West so I'll just take PIE to the end and see what happens. Tampines is in the East so I'll take the TPE (I mean it's called Tampines Expressway right?!) and exit when I feel like it lol... yes, I have survived a decade doing this. But I started relying on Juliana (that's my Google Map woman's name cause she sounds like a Juliana no?) when I was driving in LA and since then, I hate to admit it but I guess I've grown a little fond of this bitch. Except when she tells me to head northwest like wtf babe, do you think I carry a compass every where I go?!