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Flora's Friday Favourites #16

5 years ago / friday favourites

Favorite food, frock and find - the Christmas edition!

Hellooooooo friends!

So we are 2 days to Christmas!!!!!! I'm not even religious (I'm erm, selective, usually when running late or when staying alone overseas) but this is certainly my favourite time of the year!

There's just so much FESTIVE FUN in the air! Tonight we're gonna be spending date night checking out the lights along Orchard Road - can't wait! The past few weeks have been kinda cray (mostly for me, he had some leave to clear... which makes me feel WORSE) but like all the cryptic hints I have been dropping here and on Instagram, something's brewing! I'm one of those annoying people who CANNOT keep secrets (I gave the husband his Christmas present 1 month early cause I couldn't hide it from him lol.. then I felt bad cause he wouldn't get anything on 25th Dec so wash rinse repeat, I ended up getting him THREE presents wtf) so to quote Little Mix, I really wanna shout it from the rooftops lol.

There's still a lot of work (and luck :pray:) involved but I have never been so excited about something and I really can't wait to share it with you guys!

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post, since my last giveaway post (it's still running btw - I'll close it on Boxing Day), I was really, really, really touched by all your kind emails. It feels really gratifying to know that there ARE people reading this space and that you guys actually took time to pen such sweet emails. Some of you been following me since my secondary school days wtf :scream: Andddd it seems that my Friday Favourites are actually quite a hit haha so sorry for the hiatus, but GUESS WHO'S BACK!


Technically it's not my favourite since I have not ate it yet BUT I can't. stop. thinking about the nasi lemak from The Coconut Club! Yesssss, it's the one Duterte ate when in Singapore and whoever said writing's dead ought to read this description over at TCC's website,

A trip to the 2014 Nasi Lemak convention in Kuala Lumpur was like walking through a looking glass into a world that was somehow familiar, but completely forgotten. It was a festival filled with people celebrating their cuisine, and vendors who took pride in the food they served. We were treated to an incredibly diverse and delicious range of dishes, rice flavours and textures - it was life changing. As full as we were, our dessert of Cendol that followed at a roadside stall in Brickfields was probably the best thing we had ever eaten. We returned to Singapore and decided that we had to bring back that same passion for Nasi Lemak & Cendol. After spending 2 years on our recipes and an equal amount of time sourcing the best coconuts in the world, we are finally ready to present to you The Coconut Club.

This takes #foodporn to a whole new level man.


The personalised leather accessories from Luxemono! They have passport holders, card sleeves, cosmetic pouches etc that you can monogram with Gold or Silver letter (or emoji!!! :heart_eyes: ) and I think they make great birthday gifts for friends! Mine says Go (no, I don't play Pokemon GO lol) cause well, it reminds me of the hubs. Though I originally wanted his initials GG actually lolol.


I recently did a massive overhaul of my skincare regime and am now using exclusively the Skineed by Erabelle range. This Repair & Restore set focuses on intensely hydrating and strengthening your skin's Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF) for supple and dewy-looking skin. So basically the kit includes this Skin Oasis treatment that is a 7-day (but I'm gonna try doing it for 10 cause I LOVE the results so far) mask that you apply daily for 40 minutes. I am on Day 4 now and I have never seen my skin looking so supple and radiant and feeling so... soft. In fact, I've been waking up with a glow on my face and my makeup now glides on smoothly. They are currently having a 40% discount off the set at all Erabelle outlets from now till 31 Dec x



Devious Maids!!! I'm only on Season One but I've been speed-watching it (by that I mean 2 episodes a night before bed) but it's been so so so so entertaining! I haven't found a show I liked so much since Gossip Girl (before it went downhill from S3) and Revenge (that was on a one-way train ride to hell since S2)!

Also, in other TV news, Sherlock's coming back in January!


Finally got down to editing our LA pictures and this candid moment was captured at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter which well, is definitely my most magical lol moment of 2016, possibly my life. Will continue posting more of our California adventures on Instagram so see you there!