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Flora's Friday Favourites #18

4 years ago / friday favourites

I actually really like this entry!

Woah. It's certainly been a while guys. Sorry... for running out of excuses lol.

I suppose I can attribute it to work (true), my active social life (partially true) and The Man in the High Castle (absolutely true).

If you aren't already hooked on this TV series, you need to watch it! I actually stopped my Devious Maids for this?! Basically, it's set in America in 1962 based on the dystopian scenario that the Axis powers had won the war. The US in the show is hence divided into three parts, with the West coast controlled by the Japanese and the East by the Nazis and a neutral zone between the two. And like all history / war dramas, there is bound to be a resistance, especially since Hitler is now old and has Parkinson's.

There is no heavy bang bang bang action but the screenplay is damn good - lots of suspense and lots of buildup... the way life during those times would be like I guess.

Go and watch!!!!!

Anyway, I have a bunch of travel posts I want to do up before I get Parkinson's wtf but for now, I thought it'd be nice to share some of the stuff going on in my life!


I was looking through my Instagram and guess what? Based on social media, I haven't been eating much this year hahaha. I haven't had much of an appetite so well, nothing fancy schmancy to share but I suppose if I really, really, really HAVE to choose something... it would be the cheese tofu from DoDo. Don't judge me lah, I'm sure we ALL have something we like most during steamboat season?

Also, I have a newfound obsession with Gemma Stafford and I can't stop watching her ice cream videos.

So good, guys. SO GOOD.


I think you guys are going to judge me to no end if I say I also haven't been dressing up much lolol.

(But it's true wtf?!)

But I recently started wearing ribbons in my hair thanks to Instagram and my favourite colour these days is blue. Also, blue-black hair courtesy of Elein from Headlines, always.


The Darlie lime mint toothpaste. I've said it before that I really don't like minty toothpaste cause it totally ruins my peppermint ice cream experience and recently, I've fallen in love with said Darlie toothpaste cause it has almost NO mint taste? Ya, despite the name I know.


That you can consume expired food wtf. I'm sipping on a packet of Yeo's chrysanthemum tea that says best before 28 Dec 2016 but the hubs says it's perfectly fine to drink it. So far, it tastes normal but if this is my last Friday Favourites for like forever, chances are you'll all know the cause.


With the cousins. Once a year, I get to goof around with the dysfunctional ones at our "favourite grey wall" under the block of our Dua Gu's place during CNY. May the wall withstand the test of time (notice how the paint's already peeling at the sides?)... because I'm pretty sure our camwhore-ness would lol.


Commercial Break


As some of you guys might know, I have been writing for I Love Children. Annddddd, they are putting together a Valentine's Day event! More details here, including how you can win a 2D1N staycation at Carlton Hotel! (All I can think about is WAH LOK DIM SUM omgggg!)