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Flora's Friday Favourites #21

4 years ago / dress up / friday favourites

Tze char or sushi?

Current situation: Waiting for the hubs to come home so we can order uberEATS in and catch up on OITNB. We, or rather I, can't decide between Tze char or Japanese because i) we just had fried rice yesterday! but ii) we're headed to Japan soon so I'd rather get my fix there?

It's been a crazy week of work and vet visits. My dog apparently had gastritis wtf (everybody I've told this to says, like owner like dog) and suffered a series of vomiting spells BECAUSE HE IS JUST SO DAMN FUSSY. I've exhausted food options of beef (lean beef, minced beef, even wagyu strips wtf), fish (saba, salmon, cod), chicken (this was the WORST. He wouldn't even sniff it?!!) and egg before randomly trying duck which he loves to bits. Crossing my fingers he wouldn't get sick of it too soon. People say my dog is spoilt which I don't think so? Because if he is spoilt it means that it is the result OF MY DOING but hello, this guy is incredibly fussy to begin with and it's either I try to get him to eat or he starves (and end up with gastritis wtf) so well, you can say that he is a difficult dog but nope, he ain't spoilt.

Anyway, enough dog talk.


Mexican street corn! You know how you see all those videos circulating Facebook about these grilled corns and how they come coated with a creamy mix of mayo and sour cream and then topped with cheese and paprika? I haven't been to Mexico (yet!!!!) but these from Barrio by Mex Out (at 313 Sommerset) were really good. Almost as good as the ones I tried in New York if my memory serves me correctly.

Favourite Face Thang

Rimmel's The Only One Matte Lipstick in shade 700 Trendsetter. It's the PERFECT nude shade for me at the mo, it's not overly brown nor pink and doesn't dry out your lips at all. I wouldn't say go as far as to say it's as moisturising as my Fresh sugar balms but it glides on easily after a thin layer of Burt's Bee and has pretty decent staying power. For less than $20, I'm definitely not complaining!


My Emporio Armani sunnies from! I like how they are oversized without being TOO big and how feminine and flattering it looks. Since the start of this year, I've started wearing sunglasses more regularly cause I got paranoid about squinting and wrinkles and have been trying to put together a collection of eyewear for different outfits and occasions without breaking the bank. sells sunglasses from leading brands such as Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Miu Miu, Fendi, Versace and Chloe at really affordable prices and they carry glasses and contact lens too! They ship worldwide by DHL & Aramex, have a comprehensive 100-day returns policy and best of all, currently have a Buy 2 get 30% off promo for LMNT sunglasses.

Are these super trendy or what?!


Because it's not every day that your dresses matches some random door. Or shoes matches the wall. Or hair matches the shadow lol as pointed out by the minion.