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Flora's Friday Favourites #3

5 years ago / friday favourites

Five of my Favourite Finds, rounded up every week!

G'day mate!

I'm actually in Toowoomba right now - it's about 2 hours away from Brisbane - and it feels really, really, REALLY nostalgic to be typing this because exactly two years ago, we were right here in this very same motel.

Every morning I wake up and I see my Facebook Memories notification, I'm like Omgggg remember we ate that?! We did this! We went there!

Such memories. You can actually trace my then-journey (of bad photos) on Instagram #garryfloraoz or my blog entries here.

In fact, when I checked in and my laptop automatically connected to the motel's wifi without me having to enter the password.. sigh, the feeeeels.

So anyway, its Friday again so well, you know the drill!



Because it makes me feel healthy HAHA (yes I know it's sugar and calorie-laden) but come on, we're in Australia! The land of Boost!

But I'm so boring, I still stick to my Passion Mango (or is it Mango Passion?) like I always do in Singapore. Ok, I googled - it's 426cal for the medium. That's like one bowl of bakchormee wtf.

Steak + Bacon + Avocado + Hollandaise Sauce. This is why I'm phat.

Also, I will probably regret saying this when I'm back in Singapore... but I'm actually kinda sick of avocado. I have been having it with everything - my eggs, my breakfast, my sushi, my steak even wtf so I'm kinda on an avocado detox now. DON'T HATE ME AVOCADO GODS!


My full length tulle skirt from Etsy! I have it in black and grey and had so much fun prancing around in it, I promptly ordered it in pink and white too! I want to try pairing it with sneakers next hehe.


The husband wtf.

For reals hahaha. You see, the husband for the LONGEST time has been the most uncooperative Instagram husband. Which explains why I do all my content creation work without him and... to be honest, I wasn't expecting to get ANY photos this trip. In fact, I was thinking... do you think I can get away by posting just photos of my breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe supper too?

So anyway this guy has impressed me quite a bit by taking all these candid shots like this one here and the first photo above... all so got fweelinggggg. I didn't even need to frame these shots for him, so nubbad son, keep it up!

He's also been quite okay with me filming him in my Facebook Live videos (though tbh he also doesn't have a choice... it's LIVE what hahahah) so anyway yah, the trick I've discovered is to tell him that people like him more than me lol.


The Egyptian Magic Cream.

Ok, I know it sounds shady but this works like a charm for winter. I use it on my lips, my legs, my heels and my toes even wtf.

I started using it about 10 years ago... back then it wasn't even available in Singapore so I had to get my friend in the States to ship it over to me but now I think you can get it at Sephora? They say that Madonna is a fan of this but aiya, if it works it works!



Doing what I do best while the hubs drive.

Cause I chio.

Okay lah shouldn't be so thick-skinned...

Cause I quite chio, can?