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Flora's Friday Favourites #6

5 years ago / friday favourites

Five of my Favourite Finds, rounded up every week!

Okay, I lie. It's not like Friday Favourites every week per se BUT I was in Bali last week for the Cetaphil Experience (can't wait to share more!) so... I'm sorry I miss last week's :(

And seriously guys, I have been on a shopping rampage lately (omg this is a real problem okay.... I can take a 1 hour lunch break and end it with like, 4 highlighters and 7 dresses wtf?!)

So anyway,


Anti:dote has long been one of my favourite places to go to for drinks with my girls (yah we are predictable like that) but recently in a series of content stuff I'm doing for a client, I ended up here for lunch and it was such a pleasant surprise! Go for the lobster roll + lobster bisque set lunch (I think it's like only $24++?) and trust me, you definitely won't regret it!

(I'm a bit reluctant to give away this secret actually hahaha..)


I am currently OBSESSED with all things off-shoulder and somehow managed to amass an entire wardrobe of off-shoulder outfits for Bali. This is currently my favourite buffet dress from Zara cause erm... it fulfils the brief? Haha. Though I am quite miffed at how sheer it is (shorts are definitely needed) and you would think for 70 bucks, the least they can do is to include a lining of sorts?


The top knot - it's incredibly easy to achieve with a hair donut ($2 from Forever21) and for somebody with a retarded left hand, it is by far the SIMPLEST hairstyle I can do by myself.


I have recently caught up with the shimmery-glowy-dewy makeup look and can't live without highlighters. I mean, I have always been using it but now I am on a serious hunt for the MOST shimmery, glittering, shiny whatevs highlighter around and as of now, my favourite is the 3CE Marble Highlighter in Bling Peach - a little tip, dust it on your collar bones to INSTANTLY look like you've lost 2kg. Hahaha.



Not of my face for once hahaha. But I took this photo and I was immediately like omg, this is paradise on earth.

Psst, I put together this 19 infinity pools from around the world that will blow your mind piece and I almost died at how insanely pretty some of the places are. Particularly want to go to the Anantara Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai (hopefully this year!) cause right from the pool, you can actually see three countries - Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos - how bloody cool is THAT?!