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Flora's Friday Favourites #7

5 years ago / friday favourites

Five of my Favourite Finds - the #notmyhusband edition lol

Hi guys!

Today's Friday Faves will hence be titled the #notmyhusband edition because erm, quite a chunk of it will involve Smith lol.

Mainly because...


Makan Bus!!!!

After months of keeping mum (trust me, I was ABSOLUTELY dying inside!) and werkin' my 2 cents worth of input and the copious amount of eating across borders wtf, Makan Bus has finally akan datang-ed! Incredibly proud of John, Smith and team and tbh, I don't think it should just be limited to tourists. If you're into food, then I suggest you skip the overpriced pretentious cafe hopping over the weekend and go on a local food tour (charkwaytiao! mee pok tah! roti prata!!!) around the Balestier, Ang Mo Kio and Toa Payoh areas of Singapore which includes sightseeing spots too. Like not the see-panda-at-zoo kinda sightseeing but a more local cultural experience? For example, DID YOU KNOW about the largest Buddhist temple in Singapore that was established in 1920? That makes it almost 100 years old wtf.

Here are my top 3 food picks along the route,

  • Toa Payoh Lucky Pisang Raja
  • Yunos N Family - omg their mee soto is srsly DA BEST!
  • Thawfeek Cuisine for Indian Rojak

Tickets are priced at $28 each and you can purchase them at :raised_hands:


Ok... on to the next section about why Smith is awesome.

Cause I was happily buying my $1 ice cream one fine afternoon when he suddenly shouted, "Flora. Here now. NOW NOW NOW!" and I just had that split second when he managed to capture this lens flare shot. #nubbad.jpg

Particularly loving this Dreamgirl Dress from Hong Kong label N12H because the cut is crazy amazing (it is so UNBELIEVABLY slimming!) and I love the print of the skirt, the cutouts at the back, the quality finish and how the fabric has this silky sheen for a polished look.


IT Cosmetics! If you're a beauty junkie, you should already have heard of this makeup brand that's developed with dermatologists. I'm a huge fan of multi-taskers (ain't got time for 1234567 steps babe) and the Your Skin But Better CC Cream truly lives up to its name and all the hype online. I like how it combines SPF50+ protection with anti-ageing serum and goes on smoothly on my dry, sensitive skin. Coverage wise, it is not as full as that of a liquid foundation but it's good enough for my everyday use and evens out my skin tone pretty well, though I will suggest you use a good concealer if you have got eyebags for days like mine. IT Cosmetics is now available at Sephora Online and will be available at all Sephora stores from 1 September!



I have stopped using fragrances for a while now cause I found my previous Chanel N°5 a tad too... mature and I wanted something fruity instead of floral... if you get what I mean?

So during my Bali trip, I managed to get a whiff of Symone (does this sound wrong? lol) and I promptly decided to purchase a bottle of her scent (does this sound wrong again?!) when we landed. I would describe the scent as a mix of kiwi, watermelon and sandalwood and my favourite current moment of the day is when I spritz it on after showering and smell myself lol.


To be honest, I feel like putting the light spill photo here cause I super love the photo?! It's now my IG display pic!

But I suppose for the sake of variety... my second favourite photo will hence be,

So much feel even though you can't exactly see me... credits once again to Smith.

Aiya, already said this entire blog post is practically dedicated to him wtf.