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Flora's Friday Favourites #9

5 years ago / friday favourites

Five of my Favourite Finds, rounded up every week!

Woah 7pm. This is probably my latest Friday Favourites post and in fact I'm contemplating NOT doing it to spend more time with the hubs cause he's going away tomorrow (for two months :sob:) but I shall be a committed blog-person lol so here we go!



I love it when we have meetings around the Keong Saik area cause it means I can get my teh c siu dai from Tong Ah if it's in the morning / afternoon OR dinner after if it's a late afternoon meeting. These guys have one of the crispiest kaya toasts in town BUT not too thin like that of Ya Kun's so you still taste the bread texture and if you go there for dinner (it's tze char style), be sure to order their signature scallop rolls which is their original creation with scallops, pork floss, mayonnaise wrapped together and deep-fried in Vietnamese rice paper :heart_eyes:


In loving memory of this top that the hubs bought for me from Supre in Australia (OMG I LOVE SUPRE, WHY ARE THEY NOT IN SINGAPORE YET?!) that died a sad and miserable death when my helper burnt a hole right through it when she ironed it (I still don't know if it should be ironed?) Thankfully, I managed to take a bunch of photos of it in Hong Kong so I can forever immortalise it wtf and may we never forget.


The Origins DRINK UP™ INTENSIVE overnight mask - I had picked this up from the airport after a late night flight just cause I felt like spending money wtf (it's seasonal... and fluctuates with my menstrual cycle lol) and I like how it's more hydrating than the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask so I alternate between the two depending on how dry my skin feels. Don't forget to apply it on your neck and shoulders too!



Omg cute doggggggssss overload in the above video :heart:

This business is actually by a good friend of mine (so I'm really putting my personal guarantee + chop here) and if you are looking for dog boarding, grooming and daycare services, this is the place to go. I usually get a bit apprehensive towards pet hotels but I know these guys, and how they are HUGE dog lovers themselves. Your furkids will get to roam freely together during the day and are housed in their own spacious suites (33 or 55 sqft) at night with ample space to yoga around lol. The place is 24 hours air-conditioned and you will also get 24 hours webcam services so you can check on them whenever wherever :) Also, daycare dogs get complimentary treadmill sessions and their add-on services include Mud Spa and CO2 Spa too - like how good can a dog's life get?!

479 Joo Chiat Road
2nd floor (head up the stairs)
Singapore 427684
Tel: 8328 3305 // Facebook


Cause it's been a while since the babysis makes an appearance on this space.

Alright, heading out now for dinner and drinks with the boys.

Have a great weekend folks xxx