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Flora's Friday Favourites #2

5 years ago / friday favourites

Five of my Favourite Finds, rounded up every week!

Hi friends!


I almost couldn't wake up this morning cause my body was aching SO BADLY after yesterday's exercise session. Yeah.. first workout in A YEAR (I stopped going for yoga after the fall) but I have a work trip coming up in August and I don't want to look like a whale standing beside the other personalities so... bikini ready, I must get!

I'm also sipping on expired Bundaberg peach - it says best before Feb 2 - which I think is probably not the best idea considering that I'm boarding a flight later... but... anyhows, Friday Favourites, leggo!

Favourite Food

Lor mee! Would you believe that this is my FIRST bowl of lor mee?! IN MY LIFE! I don't know what took me so long (now it feels like I've wasted the past 30 years living...) but this bowl of starchy goodness from the new Ci Yuan Hawker Centre at Hougang Ave 9 is super yummm and I'm excited to try THE famous Bukit Purmei Lor Mee next!

Favourite Frock


The Topshop bardot top in white - the story goes that I saw my girlfriend wearing something like that in her Instagram picture (though I couldn't tell if it's a top or dress) and then in between meetings at Raffles City, whilst window shopping at Topshop I saw this top... but decided to text Friend anyway to ask her if she got hers from Topshop but she didn't reply so I left. Then when she replied confirming that yessss it isssss, I had already left the mall and SO, I hope I can either get this in Brisbane or pray very very very hard that they still have it when I return two weeks later!

Favourite Find


Omg what took me so long?! I was talking to a girlfriend over dinner about my many (verbal) attempts to start on the BBG when she told me about Blogilates and how each workout is only 5 minutes and I WAS SOLD. As it turns out, I started yesterday's session expecting to do just 5 minutes of exercise (I really fking HATE exercisinggggg) but I ended up doing over 30 minutes of abs, arms, butt, thighs and even cardio! I want to try the Victoria's Secret series next!

Favourite Face Thang

My innisfree sheet masks that I got on sale in Bangkok - I think they were only a dollar each? Possibly less. My favourites are the tea tree (great for calming skin!), aloe vera (best after a day of shoots) and rice for moisturising purpose.

Also, might have went a little cray at the Bath & Body Works semi-annual sale stocking up on candles, hand wash and shower foam. The cinnamon spiced vanilla smells a lot like Christmas! And the honeydew cooler one omg... I feel like DRINKING it all up.

Favourite Foto


Tryna do the whole Im-so-swag-on-my-suitcase shot but well, I kinda forgot these things have wheels lol.