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Forehead and cheek fillers

5 years ago / beauty / halley

Getting facial fillers at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Remember I had written about visiting Halley Medical Aesthetics?

Well, I got facial fillers done — at my forehead and mid-face — with Dr. Terence Tan and here's my experience!

Circa September 2015, before the fillers - notice the laugh lines?

Firstly, my concern areas: when I first saw Dr. Tan, to be honest, I didn't exactly know what I wanted except that err, I now look old? I mean, if you've been following this space you'd have realized it from my photos over the past few months... And the good thing about Dr. Tan is that he doesn't adopt a one-size-fits-all policy and upon closer look at my face, he had suggested fillers at my forehead and mid-face i.e. fuller cheeks for a more youthful appearance and to generally, look better. A rounder forehead is also a popular feature among the Koreans as it gives a more feminine and attractive profile.

What I really like about Dr. Tan is how patient and reassuring he is — he'll show you the product, explain to you how he will perform the procedure and address any concerns you have; no matter how slight and silly they sound. For me it was mainly, "Will it hurt??? I'm terrifieddddd of pain!!!" (He assured me they use the micro-fine blunt cannula called Magic Needle so I will hardly feel anything) and "What if I don't like how I look? Will I look like a luohan after the forehead fillers?" to which he was very sure that I'll love my new look BUT if I wanted to revert to my old look, they can dissolve the fillers right away.

So numbing cream was applied prior to the procedure…

He was using Volift (which is a harder filler) for my forehead and the softer Voluma for my mid-face.

And after waiting 20-30 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect, it's time to go!

I'm not sugar-coating anything I swear, but it really did not hurt at all. In fact, I was chatting and laughing throughout the session.

With fillers, you can see the result right away and I immediately noticed how my forehead is now less sunken (but NO weird luohan bump) whereas with the fillers on my cheeks, my face now has much more definition (especially for my side profile that I usually hate photographing). I also like how the fillers on my cheeks also lifted the laugh lines and reduced their appearance!

The difference is subtle — it's not supposed to be like I had undergone plastic surgery — but it's going to make people go...

There is something different about you. I don't know what is it exactly, but you just look better!

And better I looked indeed.

Here are some photos of me after the procedure:

Here's a close up selfie taken recently, notice the laugh lines are much less noticeable now?


And because of the way my face is now more defined, my shades no longer fall flat on my face:

Hellloooo Sunday! #crazyhatday #bigassselfie #yayweekend 😎

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Upping my selfie game :sunglasses:

Fillers like Volift typically last for at least 1.5 years. However areas with little movement like the forehead can sustain fillers longer.

Because Dr. Tan uses a cannula technique to reduce pain and bruising, there is little downtime. In fact, I was up and running right after that. You may return to most of your normal activities shortly after treatment. However, if possible, try not to touch the treated area or apply make-up for five hours. This is to reduce the risk of site infection. You should also avoid strenuous exercise and pressing on treated areas for two days following treatment. Light washing of the face and make-up is fine.

Ending this post with a video summary!

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