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Taking advice from a fortune cookie

6 years ago / travel / personal

It looks like it's gonna be a great year ahead!

Can't believe that we are (finally) coming to an end to all that ding dong chiang loud music and endless feasting. I'm so not ready to say goodbye to my yu shengs yet!!!!

So anyway, I opened a fortune cookie that day and it read:

SEE! Even the stars know that I'm DYING for a holiday :smirk:

I was supposed to travel in Feb but I ended up postponing the trip to Nov because my travel companion decided, at the 11th hour, that he can't make it.

I'm not sure how, or why but right after opening this cookie and we crossed into the new (Chinese) year (and me complaining that I have no more holidays planned), SUDDENLY I received an offer from the sweetest Carrie to join her and Cheryl in Shanghai.


Which I promptly agreed! Shanghai's one of my favourite-est cities in the world!

I can't wait for the xiao long baos, taking in all that marvellous sights at the Bund, partying at xin tian di and most importantly, escaping from all that unbearable HEAT we have here in Singapore.

And then I had girlfriends calling me and opportunities appearing in my inbox and the next thing I know, I now have Bangkok booked for next weekend (pad thai! tom yum! mango sticky rice!), Hong Kong in April, Australia in June (to visit the hubs!), Japan in September and maybe, just maybe, NYC for Christmas!

(I'm spending all my build-a-baby fund on air tickets I tell you.)

But absolutely no regrets - eat well, travel often my dears :)

And by the way, the husband's cookie read:

"Take every opportunity to get intimate with your partner."