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Four Cooler Hair Color Trends That Will Rock 2018

5 years ago / Hidden

If evolution has taught the people anything, it is how to keep on updating and changing, and also how to follow new fashions. Think about it, if the dinosaurs would have been gone to a higher place in search of more makeup friendly environment those animals would have been alive today. Well, the milk has spilled, and nothing can be done about that, but what you can make out of it is a lesson, always stay in fashion. That's the point of living long and loud, at least this is what most of the people feel. So, you might be interested in getting some hair color advice.


If yes, then you are at right place. Listed below are four amazing color trends that will rock this year.

Caramel Hair Color

Somewhere between brunet and post lies a color shade named caramel and my oh my, no one can ask about anything better than that. Caramel hair color trend is all set to rule the hair color shade cards of 2018.

Caramel is just the perfect balance between black and golden. The ideal time to flaunt this color is spring and early summer when one visits the beach more frequently.
You will knock people left, right and center with your shades and knocking off will always stay on trend.


Do you have long hair with curls at the end? Say no more; here is the right suggestion for you, Ultraviolet!

You can turn your dating fate and more than a few heads around once you have this color as your permanent hair shade.

The excellent thing about this color is that you can embrace it with any kind of haircuts, long, medium, and short, it looks great in all three.

Bleach Toned

Who does not love GOT! Numerous people are the fan of the Game Of Thrones, and Emilia Clarke's soul creasing on-set, bleach toned hair.

Which is why this shade cannot be left out from any list that has cool and color in it. The best part of bleach toned hair shade is that it is a corporate color.

Makeover tip: if and when anybody chooses this color, complimenting it with a nice blue dress, will solve half the problems by itself.


Dark-colors will hit in the market and style by the end of this year to compliment lighter colored trench coats and sweats. You can also throw some shades of caramel in it to highlight the wave even more. Many ladies are already embracing this shade with pride and so does you.

If you are feeling bold, for a change you can color the tips blond or with caramel hair color and give the town something to talk about.

Ending note

So, these are a few color shades that are going to rule the year 2018. Nonetheless, as the saying goes, your hair is canvas, paint it as you want. The world is your oyster when it comes to finding the new you.